Health Care System in Israel

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Health Care System in Israel
Health Coverage for Non-Resident Citizens
Updated: April 2013

The National Health Law:
This law guarantees equal medical care to all residents of Israel regardless of age and medical condition. It guarantees a full range of medical services.
New Immigrants (olim): Will be exempt from paying the health tax during their first 12 months if they are unemployed or their income is low (receiving a living allowance, d'mei kiyum).

  • Upon arrival at the airport, new immigrants get a medical insurance voucher which they must fill out in order to register for the Health Fund (Kupat Cholim) of their choice. Registration is at any Postal Bank. In order to register, you must bring (1) the above form, and (2) your Teudat Oleh. You must inform the postal bank clerk which Health Fund you wish to register with. The clerk will take the form you bring, sign it and insert the name of the selected Health Fund, and give you a copy of the form. You must then take this form to your chosen Health Fund in order to receive your membership card. For those changing status in Israel, you must go to your local Absorption Ministry to obtain a Teudat Oleh and the medical insurance voucher.
    There is a registration fee per adult. Children under 18 are not charged.
    Most Post Offices are open Sunday through Thursday from 08:00 until 12:30. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, they are open from 16:00 to 18:30. On Fridays from 08:00 untill 12:00
  • Temporary residents must register with the National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) first, and then, register for the Kupat Cholim of their choice at a branch of the Postal Bank.
Couples & Children: Each spouse may register with a different Kupat Cholim. Children under 18 will be registered with the Kupat Cholim of the mother, barring special circumstances.
Transferring to Another Sick Fund: Anyone registered with a Kupat Cholim for at least one year may transfer to another Kupat Cholim. Transfer requests may be submitted any time, but take effect once every 6 months (Jan. 1st and July 1st). Transfers also must be done at a local branch of the Postal Bank.
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