AACI is Moving

This week, construction began on AACI’s new national headquarters in Jerusalem. In February 2010, when the renovation is finished, the spacious, state-of-the-art facility which is disabled-accessible will feature a light-filled, airy auditorium with seating for 250, convertible into three multi-purpose rooms, two libraries, a senior activities center and “Rusty Mike Radio” English-language internet radio, among other highlights.

“It is exciting to start the actual construction process after the long-term effort that has gone into planning our new facility – from defining AACI's requirements and searching for a new location to working with our architect to balance our dreams with available resources,” said AACI Real Estate and Renovations Committee Chairman Matt Schein.  “We’re thrilled to be working with architect David Kupietzsky and general contractor Shai Kassorla. I want to thank the committee members and the AACI staff for all their efforts and support."  
Located at 37 Pierre Koenig, opposite the Hadar Mall in Talpiot, at 750-square meters it triples. the current space, enabling AACI to continue to serve as the resource center for Israel’s English speaking population. 
Continuing in our tradition as the resource center for Israel's English speaking population, AACI envisions our new office as a meeting and greeting space filled with classes and activities.
AACI is offering a variety of dedication opportunities on the new premises.  for more information, visit www.aaci.org.il, or contact Eileen Steinberg at esteinberg@aaci.org.il

AACI Reception Area Library for the Visually Impaired
Tour of Yediot Acharonot's Modern Printing Works
Wednesday, 12th August at 10am
See how a morning paper is put together.   A family tour for the summer vacation – bring your children and grandchildren (over 6 years old).
English speaking guide.
Meeting place: Yediot Acharonot, 27 Hachsharat Hayishuv
New Industrial Area, Rishon.
Cost: Members NIS 15   Non-members NIS 25
Registration & pre-payment essential by Wednesday, 5th August
Note:  Closed shoes MUST be worn.
Join AACI and be part of the largest English speaking community in Israel 
Remember -  Aliyah Never Stops
New olim  and vatikiim.- When you make aliyah, you are joining new family, both the family of the people of Israel in their own land and the extended family of AACI, representing thousands of English speaking former olim. We look forward to meeting you as you join AACI’s family! 
Join today and receive the following benefits:
Bi-monthly delivery of the AACI Voice printed Magazine*
Free counseling for all of your pre & post aliyah needs
Discounts on AACI programs and services, travel with Ophir tours and more!
Access to special loans and business support and professional financial advice
Assistance in navigating Israeli bureaucracy and culture
Assistance in answering all of those life questions relating to Israel (finances, education, medical issues, social integration, cultural differences, etc)
If you're overseas joining now gets you special pre-aliyah counseling assistance for free! You will also be kept informed at what is going on at AACI on a regular basis. Don't forget that when you come on your aliyah you can also purchase a local membership and receive the second year free.
Remember, AACI is here because Aliyah never stops! There will always be a question that needs an answer and AACI is here to help you. 
Membership Renewals:
To all of our current members... If your membership is about to expire you will be receiving a phone call from one of our AACI volunteers informing you of your membership status. The volunteers will be able to process your renewal over the phone. If you are not home they will leave a message that will direct you to the AACI website to process your renewal online.
If you would like to check the status of your membership please contact Sara Kalker, Membership Coordinator: membership@aaci.org.il
*Jerusalem & Netanya branch’s only
50th year anniversary of the International Harp Contest in Israel
Tuesday, September 8 at 10:30 a.m.
AACI members are invited to a Harp Concert to mark the 50 year anniversary of the International Harp Contest in Israel at the Knesset.  This concert is free of charge to AACI Members and their Guests.
Guests are kindly requested to arrive promptly by 10:30 a.m
(Knesset security rules) as guests of the Chairman of the Knesset Educational and Culture Committee, Mr Zevulun Orlev, M.K.
Music by first prize winners of past harp contests. Display of a special postal stamp in honor of the Israeli Harp Contest
Please register by Friday, August 7
Please note registration is required early as the Knesset is closed most of August. For questions email harzimco@netvision.net.il
AACI Central - Seniors Luncheon
Join us for relaxed summer luncheon.
Wednesday, August 19th at 12 noon
Lobby/coffee shop at New Hotel Building
Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Chen/ Ramat Gan
Buses 67, 30, and 35
55 bus to Aluf Sadeh, then walk a block.
Contact: Shirley – 03-571-8749
Visit to the Coca Cola Center - Back by Popular Demand!!
Wednesday, 19th August at 11.15am

AACI invites you to take a break at the Coca Cola center in Bnei Brak  and find out how they put the bubbles into the world’s favorite drink.
Tour lasts for one and a half hours with an English guide.  Ages: 8 – 120 !!!
Cost: Members NIS 25  Non-members NIS 35
Registration & pre-payment essential.  AACI: 03 696 0389 
Beit Berl College – The English Department 
Is offering a One –Year course for Private Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.
A practical course designed to serve the special needs of private teachers, tutors or volunteers teaching on a one-to-one basis or in a small group situation.
The course is given beginning October 21, 2009. It is an 8 hrs / 1 day per week course.
For information call: *357375


Ministry to stop testing for swine flu, treat all suspected cases

By Dan Even, Haaretz Health Correspondent

July 23, 2009


The Health Ministry is making changes to the way it deals with swine flu, limiting tests for the virus while at the same time broadening the criteria for suspected cases of the disease.

Health Ministry Director General Prof. Avi Yisraeli Wednesday instructed health care providers to test for the virus only in patients hospitalized with serious respiratory distress, or by order of a district physician in the event of a localized outbreak.

At the same time, anyone with a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or more and at least one influenza symptom is to be treated as potentially having the disease.

The symptoms are runny nose, headache, coughing, muscle pain and shortness of breath. Suspected cases are to be treated on an outpatient basis and given Tamiflu if needed.

Previously only individuals returning from abroad, or who were in contact with others diagnosed with the disease, were tested for swine flu.

"Anyone suspected of having the disease, as well as those in high-risk groups such as children and pregnant woman, will be considered as possible swine flu cases and will be treated pharmaceutically but will not undergo laboratory tests and it won't be known definitively whether they have swine flu," the ministry's director of public health services, Dr. Itamar Grotto, said.

"We don't need to know how many definite cases there are in Israel, and according to World Health Organization directives there is no need to test all suspected cases. When we tested people thought to have the disease we saw that in any event most tested positive. It must be remembered that swine flu is usually not serious although we must be prepared for serious cases as well," Grotto said.

The Health Ministry has confirmed 1,054 cases of swine flu in Israel. The Israel Center for Disease Control within the ministry has assigned more than 20 clinics from the Clalit and Maccabi health maintenance organizations to monitor cases of the disease. It has also tapped a number of hospital emergency rooms to collect data on the illness in order to provide an overall picture of the spread of swine flu in Israel. This week there was an increase in the number of children with disease.

Health authorities expect the number of cases to rise when schools reopen in September, prior to the seasonal rise in flu cases in December and January.

Some experts have discussed the possibility that swine flu might mutate into a more serious form of the disease, but others say it is too early to make such predictions.

Electricity Program to be Launched
A new program will offer a 20 percent discount for cutting electricity usage by 20% during peak hours during August and September. The National Infrastructures Ministry, the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and the Public Utilities Authority (PUA) announced the program late Monday, which is designed to help reduce the strain on the country's generators. Reserves are running very low this summer making blackouts a possibility.
The final elements of the plan are still being worked out, including who will be eligible to participate. The 20 percent reduction will be measured against electricity usage the previous year during the same time period. The two month program will act as a pilot for a larger program through the winter which could include households as well.
Similar programs were instituted in California in 2001 and in New Zealand in 2001 and 2003. In California, the program brought about a reduction in usage of between four to eight percent, according to the three initiators.

The Jerusalem Post
July 22, 2009
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