AACI Jerusalem Programs & Activities
AACI  Gallery Exhibition Beginners Mah Jongg
AACI Star Film Club The Sarah Peters Bridge Club
Fresh Insights into Literature
Memoir Writing Workshop
What really happened in “Casablanca”? Creative Crafts
  Crochet and More
  Weaving Class
Family music class for children American Citizen Services
  Get Organized for Pesach
JELLY Navigational Programs
Little Lotus Kids Yoga Pre & Post Aliyah Sessions Information Sessions
Brush & Pen Volunteer with us!
  Senior Outreach
Hebrew Literature course
The Beat Goes On Editing Course
Yard Sale Understanding Osteoporosis
  RAPS: Retired Active Persons
  The Joys & Challenges of Grandparenting
  Intro to Hassidut: Six Hasidic Masters
  Life After Loss - A Creative Workshop
Amit - AACI Library Receving or Leaving an Inheritance
AACI DVD Library
AACI Kids Library  
AACI'S Sharon Woodrow Memorial E-Library  
Blood Drive Support & Education for People who are HOH (Hard of Hearing) or Deaf
Exercise for 50+ Support Group for Women who are Caring for a Spouse with Dementia
Feldenkrais for Healthy Necks, Shoulders and Back Coping with the Loss of a Spouse or Loved One – A Workshop Series
Feldenkrais Balance Strategies for Living with and After a Major Illness
Health & Wellness Programs THEATER
Health & Wellness Networking Forum for Women & Men Shards- Putting the Pieces Together
Yang Long Form Tai Chi Class  
AACI Advice Sessions
Advice Sessions
The following professionals offer their time for free consultations for AACI members only. 
Building and Construction Advice
Whether you are building or buying your home or apartment, Ira Braverman P.E., registered civil engineer (California and Israel) offers individual guidance and information. Call Ira at 054-796-2725 or e-mail ira.braverman@gmail.com
Employee Rights and Labor Law Issues
Moshe Egel-Tal, CSPP, founder and CEO of Israpay, is a payroll professional with over 20 years experience in all facets of Israeli payroll in private and public sectors. For a 15 minute private and discreet consultation, e-mail Moshe at moshe.israpay@gmail.com with your full name, phone number and a brief and precise outline of the issue. www.israpay.com
Family Budget Counseling
David Litke of Bonus Family Budget Counseling will offer individual consultations on managing everyday finances, monthly budgeting and preparing for life’s emergencies. Free phone consultations of up to 30 minutes every Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00. Call David at 050-535-1800.
Financial Planning Advice
Mark van Gelderen, Manager of the Financial Resource Network in Israel, has been helping olim for over 20 years to find reliable information to manage the financial events in their lives. By appointment only by calling Mark at 02-622-3065.
Insurance Advice
Meet with an agent from Goldfus Insurance, exclusive AACI agents, who have been in the business for more than 30 years dealing with the special needs of olim and English speakers. Call 02-561-2223 for consultations in Jerusalem, or 08-970-4003 in Modiin.
Investment solutions for non-resident USA citizens
FATCA and other new USA regulations are now making it very difficult to be an investor who is a U.S. citizen living in Israel.
If you would like to find out how you can benefit from personal, U.S. based investment solutions, please contact Katherine Lapidoth, US and Israel licensed Wealth Manager, at 09-961-1342 or 050-523-8360 for a free consultation. Katherine has been serving the American community in Israel for more than 27 years. Meetings can be arranged at AACI offices as well as additional locations.
Legal Orientation
Seeking a legal consultation in commercial matters, wills, employment issues,real estate and / or business? Call Russell Mayer of Livnat, Mayer & Co.
for a 10 minute free telephone consultation on Tuesdays at 02-679-9533 or e-mail mayer@lmf.co.il.
Arnie Draiman has been advising individual donors and foundations for more than 13 years about how best to use their Tzedakah funds. Call Arnie at 050-515-6776 or e-mail ajdraiman@gmail.com for an appointment.
Tax and Investment Advice
Tax expert Alan R. Deutsch will answer your queries about taxes, filing U.S. tax returns, and overall financial planning. By appointment only by calling Alan’s office 02-999-2104 ext. 100 or 052-274-9999 alan@ardcpa.com  
Travel Advice
Ophir Tours has been providing AACI members the best prices, service and options for all travel needs for over 21 years. For the latest information regarding air fares, cruises, car rentals and domestic tourism, call  Henriette at 03-526-9424

American Citizen Services

Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem


Phone: +972 (0)2-630-4000

Fax: +972 (0)2-630-4070

Street Address: 14 David Flusser, Jerusalem 93392

(Near the former Diplomat Hotel, now the Caprice Diamond Center)

Location via Google Maps

Note from AACI: The map is not clear. David Flusser St. is a new street.

#78a bus goes directly to the US Consulate in Talpiot. Stops right in front of building. American Citizen Services Consulate General of the United States in Jerusalem Email:JerusalemACS@state.gov Phone: +972 (0)2-630-4000 Fax: +972 (0)2-630-4070 Street Address: 14 David Flusser, Jerusalem 93392 (Near the former Diplomat Hotel, now the Caprice Diamond Center) 

An Egged bus #7a takes you to the Caprice Diamond Center. Look for the big flag mast and flag at the crossroads of Kfar Eztion, Klauzner and Yum HaMelech. By car, drive along Rechov Beitar and left on to Lankin Street. Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (UTC/GMT +2) Monday - Friday (Closed on American and local holidays.)

Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (UTC/GMT +2) Monday - Friday (Closed on American and local holidays.)

Make An Appointment Online:


Tips for Speeding Up Your Visit:


The AMIT-AACI Lending Library
Library Hours:
Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9 am - 4:30 pm;
Wed: 9 am - 7:00 pm
The AMIT-AACI Library offers a wide selection of books—all donated. We have fiction from contemporary titles to the classics, including classic murder mysteries. You can also find biography, Holocaust, Judaism, science fiction/fantasy and more on our shelves.   
A charge of 5 NIS per borrowed book is requested. All proceeds from the library are equally shared between AACI and AMIT Women.
For your convenience we offer a multi-purchase card as a service to readers.
The AACI Childrens' Library is adjacent to the adult library.
Children’s Library- Choose books to take out of the library or sit in and enjoy reading with your children! All books are in English. Children of all ages welcome.  
Hours- Same as the adult library above.
For further information please contact us: 02-566-1181 ext. 323, email: amitaaci.library@gmail.com
AACI'S Sharon Woodrow Memorial E-Library
Love to read? Visit AACI's libraries or download books and use the Sharon Woodrow Memorial E-Library. 
For individual in-person or phone consultations, call the AACI front desk ar 02-566-1181 to make your appointment. Please bring your fully charged device and your AACI membership number.
Please note: The E-library is NOT COMPATIBLE with a regular Kindle.
Facilitator: Rochelle Gilbert. www.never2late.co.il
Want to donate to the Sharon Woodrow Memorial E-Library? Contact the AACI development department ar 02-566-1181 ect.303 or 324.
-For further information about the library, go to www.aaci.org.il/elibrary.
Use your AACI membership number to login to http://aaci.freading.com/index.

AACI The Star Media Library

For AACI members ONLY!

DVDs are now available to rent at The Star – AACI DVD Library!

How does it work?

There is a collection of DVDS at the front desk. Come in, sign one out, and return it in two weeks. You can take out up to two DVDs at a time! Cost per DVD: 5 NIS. Late fee for returns: 2 NIS per day. Hours of the front desk: 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

Click here for the list of DVDs.

We are still collecting DVD donations to our DVD Library! Please either bring in your DVDs or mail them to us at:  AACI, P.O.B 53349, Jerusalem 91533.

Please address any questions directly to volunteer coordinator Gary at star@aaci.org.il

AACI’S Library for the Visually Impaired
 Heard Any Good Books Lately?
What if your vision deteriorated so that you could no longer read the books you love? AACI prides itself in filling every possible niche in making life in Israel a wonderful experience and solving problems.
Located in the Jerusalem office of the AACI, this very extensive library is a lifeline for visually and physically impaired booklovers. It contains books on tape, CDs, MP3s and in large print, ranging from fiction, suspense and humor, to self-help, Judaica and biographies.
What could be easier than to request books by phone or e-mail, have them mailed to you free of charge, and return them in the same container postage free? This amazing library is utilized by English speakers of all ages from Naharia to Eilat, in cities and towns as well as on kibbutzim and moshavim.
The librarians are all volunteers who take great pride in knowing their dedication enriches the lives of so many. All of the “books” in the library have been donated or purchased with donated funds. Gifts of large print books or audiobooks can be sent postage free to the AACI, 37 Pierre Koenig, corner of Poalei Tzedek Talpiot, Jerusalem.  P.O. Box 53349, Jerusalem 91042
To find out how you can access the world of talking books, make a donation or work as a volunteer, call 02-560-0912, or e-mail library@aaci.org.il
Get Organized for Pesach
Monday, March 25, 11:00
Planning strategies.  Creating schedules and time management. Reducing stress.  Enjoying the holiday. Packing it all away after the chag.
Learn how to get past procrastination. Set goals and get started & complete the job! Have a sense of accomplishment and reap the many rewards.
Presenter:  Marsha Kreiger is an experienced "declutterer" and budgeting adviser.
Cost: NIS 20/ free for AACI members
What really happened in “Casablanca”?
Monday, March 4t 19:00
Learn about the story of Morocco during World War Two, including the war, refugees, and letters of transit.
Reeva Simon is the author of the forthcoming book, The Impact of World War II and the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa.
AACI and The Times of Israel presents:
Monday, March 18th, 19:00

At Jerusalem's Hirsch Theater at Beit Shmuel

Tickets: NIS 20
Purchase tickets online:

In preparation for April 9th's elections, The Times of Israel & AACI present an election debate where English speakers can hear firsthand from the candidates, learn about their parties, and delve into their policies.

We’ll host MKs and would-be MKs from across the spectrum as they tell you, the voters, why you should vote for their parties.

The event will be moderated by Times of Israel editor David Horovitz.
Tuesday, March 26, 17:30 – 19:30
Open to male and female health professionals or anyone interested in the topic
Topic: Overcoming Trauma through Energetic Therapies
Attunement is a form of Energetic Healing that helps build the recipient’s quality and quantity of Vital Life Energy flowing through their body. Somatic Experiencing® is a form of trauma therapy that locates and helps to discharge the blockages from past traumas. 
This presentation will be both experiential and informative.
Speaker: Jeffrey Goldstein SEP is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and an Attunement Therapist. He focuses on helping people with Long Term Trauma.
Facilitator: Lesley Kaplan: HR & Organizational Consultant and Coach, Trainer and Group facilitator. Founder & CEO of L.A.K. Creations & Consulting

Co-organizer: Belle Fine-Cohen: M.Ed, Gerontologist and Advisor: Enhancing Health and Wellness. Founder of Be Fine Today  
Cost: NIS 40 / NIS 30 AACI members
No pre-registration required. Email lak.goals@gmail.com for further info.
Bring your business cards, brochures & marketing materials for networking! 
Share with others you feel could benefit from the networking and discussion! 
Refreshments provided. Look forward to seeing you!
Thursday afternoons at 15:00 - Beginners | 15:45- Intermediate/Advanced
Cost: NIS 45 / NIS 35 AACI members
Almost everyone can do Tai Chi; it is done in slow motion with little joint stress, cleansing and rejuvenating the body and mind. Using flowing movements, a Tai Chi session moves through positions for strength and balance to integrate mind and body. Please wear loose clothing.
Find your balance at AACI with Nancy Harel 02-5333493
Mondays at 10:45 |
Cost NIS 50/ 40 AACI members
Discover your body’s natural ability to move with greater ease, releasing chronic tensions and learning to develop efficient and flexible movements. The students are guided through a sequence of gentle movements, discovering new possibilities of movement with reduction of pain and stiffness.
Taught by Shoshanna Lederman (050-752-6631), certified Feldenkrais practitioner, M.A. education, Bank Street.
Wednesdays at 12:15
Cost NIS 50/40 AACI members
Safety, grace, and ease when you walk, stand, climb stairs, sit, carry loads, and get up and down. Taught by
Shoshanna Lederman (050-752-6631), certified Feldenkrais practitioner, M.A. education, Bank Street.
Sundays at 09:00 and 10:15 and Wednesdays at 08:30 and 09:45
Cost per class: NIS 55 / NIS 45 AACI members
This is a program tailored to the needs of the mature adult, including exercises for strength, bone density, flexibility, balance and coordination. The class is conducted standing near a chair, or sitting.
Marilyn Cohen (050-224-0191) is a fitness instructor with certification from Wingate Institute
Tuesday, March 12th, 10:00
Let’s explore whether staying at home or moving to assisted living (diyur mugan) is the best option for you.  What do you need to know?  What support services are available if you choose to stay at home?  Get started gathering necessary information and resources!
Presenter:  Sheila Bauman is AACI’s Jerusalem klitah counselor
Guide to Housing in Israel
Tuesday, March 26th, 19:00
Finding the right home and maintaining it properly begins with understanding the processes involved. Learn how you can best navigate all the processes in renting or buying a home in Israel as well as nuances and Hebrew terminology that will help you search with confidence with their Guide to Housing in Israel. As a bonus, learn practical tips and skills for preventative maintenance in their hands-on workshop.
About us:
Trusted House was established to bring trust back to the residential real estate industry in Israel. They have created custom-made housing journeys for Olim to meet their unique needs. They have integrated all of the necessary professionals and technological tools to provide you with peace of mind throughout your housing experience.
Hillel Davis made aliya from Cleveland, Ohio and has spent the last seven years helping his fellow olim with everything from finding rental apartments, to buying houses to maintaining their residences from afar. To date, he has worked with clients from 6 different continents. He holds a BA and MBA from Bar Ilan University.
Oded Stern was born in Miami, Florida, but raised in Tel Aviv. A serial entrepreneur, Oded has a knack for finding innovating solutions for common difficulties. He has spent the last eight years applying his abilities in the field of residential real estate and property management. Oded holds a BA and MBA from The IDC.
Tuesday, April 30th, 10:00
Are your parents visiting for Pesach?  Are they thinking about aliyah?  A workshop for retirees considering whether aliyah is the right move for them, and if so, what to think about and useful information on how to go about it.  Adult children welcome!
Presenter:  Sheila Bauman is AACI Jerusalem’s klitah counselor.
Support & Education for People who are HOH (Hard of Hearing) or Deaf
New dates to be announced
Do you live with hearing loss? Have you felt isolated? Do you have trouble communicating with others- in person, or on the phone? You’re not alone! Facilitator:Ronnie Kaufman.
At AACI Glassman Family Center, 37 Pierre Koenig, Talpiot.
January – February, 2019
Wednesdays at 11:00 am –12 noon
At the AACI - Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center
For more information call AACI (02) 566-1181
Feb 27
Irwin Blank: Joint American-Israeli Military Cooperation  
Nominal charge of NIS 10, which includes beverages and cookies
Further programs to be announced, and note some programs are subject to change.
A weekly update of RAPS programs is sent by email.  To receive these, please e-mail
When Monday, March 4, 11:00
A cross-border investment expert, Douglas Goldstein, CFP®, draws on over 25 years of experience in the financial world to explain:
  • What you need to do after you receive an inheritance (the money doesn’t magically appear in your account)
  • The process of moving accounts into an heir’s name
  • How to invest the assets to build wealth
  • What you need to do in order to make it easy for your heirs to receive an inheritance
Get handouts of checklists to simplify the process.
The Inheritance Book will be available for sale after the seminar.
Presenter: Douglas Goldstein, CFP®
Support Group for Women & Men who are Caring for a Spouse with Dementia
Group meets
Sunday, February 24, 12:15
Ellen Sucov Phd invites women and men who are caring for a spouse with dementia to a bi-monthly support group.
The main focus of the group will be dealing with the challenges of caring for a spouse with dementia, and helping each other find solutions.
Meetings are twice a month at AACI Glassman Family Center, 37 Pierre Koenig,Talpiot. Please call for further details 02-5661181.
Coping with the Loss of a Spouse or Loved One – A Workshop Series

New date to be announced
One of the many challenges associated with grieving the loss of a loved one is adjusting to the new reality of living in the absence of the loved one. In this workshop series, we will introduce/expound upon the process of grief, the development of new routines, envisioning of new futures, and the possibilities of adopting a new sense of identity with individuals who have all had similar experiences. With Gershon Swimmer, MSc. is an experienced psychotherapist who works with couples and individuals.
He can be reached at gershonswimmer@gmail.com.
With Gershon Swimmer MSc
One of the many challenges associated with grieving the loss of a loved one is adjusting to the new reality of living in the absence of the loved one.
In this workshop series, we will introduce/expound upon the process of grief, the development of new routines, envisioning of new futures, and the possibilities of adopting a new sense of identity in a supportive setting with a group of individuals who have all had similar experiences.
Cost: NIS 150/ 120 AACI members for the whole series
        NIS 25/20 per session
Gershon Swimmer, MSc. is an experienced psychotherapist who works with couples and individuals. He can be reached at gershonswimmer@gmail.com
New dates to be announced
Cost: NIS 20/ free for AACI members
- Understanding what Osteoporosis is 
- Which women and men are at risk for this condition 
- How it is diagnosed  
- The roles of calcium, vitamin D, exercise and medication in treating Osteoporosis  
- Medications and other medical conditions that can make Osteoporosis worse
- The most common mistakes in treating Osteoporosis in Israel  
- Preventing falls. 
Osteoporosis is a common asymptomatic condition in women and men over the age of 60 which is under-diagnosed and under-treated.  Fractures at this age are almost always due to the combination of frail bones and a fall. Hip and other fractures can have devastating, even lethal, consequences.  Osteoporosis can be reversed if treated properly, and many falls can be prevented with simple steps that you can take at home. Understand how you can be proactive to drastically reduce the risk of these fractures.
New Dates to Be Announced
NIS 240/ 200 AACI members for the course
Email Chaya- chayazuckman@gmail.com to register
Join us for an interactive creative arts workshop focusing on dealing with chronic illness and loss of a spouse or a loved one. Learn how to express your feelings/emotions through drawing and creative writing.
Facilitator: Chaya Zuckman Moskovits, M.ED. In Therapeutic Recreation - through her personal journey of losing both her spouse and parents, she used art and writing to cope and move forward with her life.
2nd Generation Holocaust Survivors
Are you a second generation holocaust survivor? The Jerusalem Municipility would love to hear from you. the jerusalem municipility is setting up for a 2G group for second generation English speakers. if you are interested in participating or just receiving the e-mails to see what's going on, be in touch!
Send your name and email address to: 2GEnglishSpeaker@gmail.com or shdebbie@jerusalem.muni.il and you will be added to the mailing list.
For more information call Debbie on 0525774736
Creative Workshop:  Crochet & More
When: Tuesday, February 10:30 – 12:30
Take your skills to a higher level.  Bring your materials for knitting, crocheting or sewing and join in a pleasant, relaxed environment.
Facilitator: Gale Phaff made aliyah in 1993 and has an M.A. in Fibre Arts from Hunter College.  She teaches in various institutions and has exhibited her work in many places including the Brooklyn Museum.
Cost per week:  NIS 50 / NIS 40
Ongoing classes:
Kids Mixed Media–
15:45—16:45 For KIDS grades 3 & up-
For kids who just want to CREATE! We get a taste of many different types of art ...from mosaics & stained glass, sewing, string art, landscape painting, glass painting, fimo, to edible art and spa month (where we make our own lip balms, soaps, bath salts, face masks) and more...      
Adult Mosaics-
Mondays, 10:30-12:30 & Wednesdays, 16:45-18:45-
Create your own Mosaics…from beginners to the more experienced…we’ll help u realize your potential. Each participant will create their own unique mosaic. The most enjoyable 2 hours of your week! No prior experience necessary.
To register/ for more information for the above classes: Call Dana, 054-788-3874 www.creativecrafts4u2.com or Email: creativecrafts4u@gmail.com
Mosaic Sign/ House Number
Mondays, February 4- 25, 12:00-14;00
Cost: NIS 350 for the course (includes all materials)
Learn the art of creating a beautiful mosaic sign using glass.
To register- Call Dana, 054-788-3874 www.creativecrafts4u2.com or Email: creativecrafts4u@gmail.com
Beaded Jewelry Design
Session 2: Wednesdays, February 6, 13, 27, 14:00-15:30
Cost: NIS 275 for each session (or NIS 100 per individual class)
Learn the basics of creating a necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings. You’ll be taught new techniques each week .Your friends and colleagues won’t believe you when u tell them you made your jewelry!
To register- Call Dana, 054-788-3874 www.creativecrafts4u2.com or Email: creativecrafts4u@gmail.com
Classics Reading Group
Sunday, February 24, 13:30-14:30
 – Short fiction by Non-Jewish writers on Immigrant Experience (stories to be sent via email)
Cost:  NIS 
Sunday, March 31st, 31:30-14:30
The Tenants (Malamud)
April – Pesach vacation (no meeting in April
Looking ahead to May: The Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton)
For more information about the class only, contact Dr.Oster at 02-624-6256
No need to pre-register!
Cost:  NIS 5
Hebrew Literature Course
New Dates to be announced
We will read and discuss together Hebrew short stories by Etgar Keret,  lda  Fink, Savion Livrecht, Agnon and others, and poems by Bialik, Tschernichovsky, Rachel, Lea Goldberg, Dalia Rabikobitsh and many more. 
We will also learn to sing some of these beautiful poems that have been set to music.
We will introduce the English translations of these poems and stories, for those who need them.
*Although fluent Hebrew is not required, a basic knowledge of Hebrew is required.
Instructor: Pnina Beck,. M.A  is a Hebrew and Literature teacher with lots of experience working  with teenagers as well as with the elderly .  Pnina teaches Hebrew and Hebrew Litreture in Arnona Hatzeira ,Talpiot,  and in  Ginot Hair in the German Colony.
New dates to be announced.
12:30- 14:00.
Cost: NIS 20/ 10 AACI members
Great Poetry by great poets-including Donne, Shakespeare, Frost, Hopkins
Art Workshop for Adults- Back by Popular Demand!
New dates to be announced
Yannah Popovitz M.A. will guide you in discovering your inner artist using a creative/expressive approach. Engage in fun and relaxing art activities including collage, artistic style exploration, “household art”, multimedia experience, and a taste of creative writing. And more! Learn innovative techniques and gain a new and exciting perspective on art.  Connect with others in a welcoming setting. No prior art experience necessary! The seasoned artist will benefit as well.
Cost: Cost: NIS 350/ 300 AACI members for the whole course (price includes all materials for the course)
Pre- registration required by calling 02-566-1181. Space is limited.
New Dates To Be Announced
Cost: NIS 160/ 100 AACI members for the course
Pre-registration required by calling AACI- 02-566-1181
Passion for the written word? Great language skills? Interested in learning about all kinds of topics and getting paid for it? Then academic editing is for you.
Helene Hogri, with 40 years of editing experience, is keen on passing on her knowledge and finding job opportunities for promising students.
New dates to be announced.
Cost: NIS 40/30 AACI members per workshop
Pre- registration required- call AACI 02-566-1181 to register.
Telling your story--make this the year you write your memoir.
It’s finally time to write your personal history and memories! In these two hour workshops, learn the basics of writing your memoir in a warm, supportive environment. No writing experience required.
Carol Ungar is a prize winning author and  memoir workshop facilitator. She's taught at the AACI, local community centers and she presented a workshop on teaching memoir at the Jewish Womens' Writers' Seminar. 

Family music class for children from 4 months to five years old

Enjoy 45 minutes of music with singing, puppets, percussion instruments and lots of ideas to enrich your child’s musical and English development.
Tuesdays, starting on November 1st at 10:15 and
Wednesdays starting on November 2nd  at 16:30
Cost: NIS 35 for one child, NIS 50 for two . Discount with a clip card.
Registration with Sharon at Sharon@musicwithsharon.com  054 5315990
Facebook Sharonmusicfun
Little Lotus Kids Yoga
Tuesdays, 16:30-17:30
Come learn yoga poses while having a blast! We combine music, dance, and games with classic yoga poses to encourage kids to stretch, strengthen, balance, and relax their bodies. We end each class with breath work, massage, and relaxation time. Parents and kids have a chance to practice yoga together and share this wonderful experience. 
Cost: NIS 40/35 AACI members per session
Pre & Post Aliyah Sessions Information Sessions
(Valuable information on rights, bureaucracy, & more…)
 held at:
AACI Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center
37 Pierre Koenig, corner of Poalei Tzedek
Talpiot. Directions
Tel: 02-5661-181
Please call in advance (02-561-7151) to confirm and to sign up.
In addition, AACI also offers:
"HOT LINE" Counseling with Sheila Bauman by phone, for short questions only!
Daily (Sunday – Thursday):  12:15 pm – 1:15 pm. Call 02-5661-181.
DROP-IN Counseling for AACI members
Either 9:00 am – 10:45 am or 2:00 pm – 3:45 pm. Call 02-5661-181 the day before or same day to confirm time and counselor availability.
Advice Sessions for AACI members, given by qualified volunteers.
Call 02-566-1181 to make an appointment for: Travel, Tax and Investment Advice; Banking Advice; Building and Construction Advice; Insurance Advice; Shipping Advice and/or Advice on Money Management – investments, real estate, wills and trusts abroad. By appointment only!
The Sarah Peters Bridge Club
Monday afternoons from 13:00-16:00
Cost: 15 / 10 NIS AACI members
Experienced players welcome
Beginners Bridge
Mondays, 12:30- 13:00
Advanced, beginner-intermediate level players are welcome to come and improve their bridge skills! We will discuss various topics in bidding, declarer play and defense. 
Ongoing Mah Jongg Club
Sundays,  15:30-18:00
Whether you’re just starting out, honing your skills or an advanced player, this club is for you!
NIS 10 per week.
Pre- Registration is encouraged by calling AACI, 02-566-1181. At AACI Glassman Family Center, 37 Pierre Koenig,Talpiot.
New dates to be announced.
In this interactive workshop, women will empower their voices with responsibility and courage towards creating positive change in their personal lives and community. Through physical and vocal exercises, participants will gain confidence, identify likely obstacles, and together act out multiple solutions to a central issue they would like to address. This workshop will work towards a greater sense of ownership and confidence with the voice and how it is expressed through the body.  
Shira Dickler-Schneck is a teacher, playwright, actress, and director who specializes in theatre as a tool for social change. She holds an MA in Theatre (University of Colorado, Boulder) and an MA in Geography and Environmental Development (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev). Shira’s first foray into research-fueled performance came from her TEDxBGU talk “How I Stopped Trusting My Instincts”. Her original musical A Hot Mess was recently performed as a staged reading in the CU Boulder New Play Festival. Since returning to Israel in 2018, Shira has been leading theatre-based workshops for the English speaking community, and recently appeared as Lulu in J-Town Playhouse's sold-out production of Cabaret.
The AACI 55+ Friendship Circle is for singles and couples who enjoy socializing, meeting new people and making new friends. 
Ongoing Friday Brunch-  Join us every Friday at Café Joe for a casual Friday Brunch! Reservations required to later than noon on Thursday. Please call: Martin Silbermann 058-636-1108 on your email accounts.
Luncheon venue on February 5th is being changed due to problems with seating at the Inbal. We will be going to Hayouka, 51 Emek Refaim at 1:30. It is good and tasty, home style cooking. Meat and some vegetarian dishes are available. The food is very good. Deadline for registration is Noon, Sunday, February 3, 2019 with Belle Fine-Cohen: 054-8824-944. Please send a text message with your name and phone number. (there is NO voice mail). Thank you.
RAPS had their first Monday Brunch this week at Gregs which is totally handicapped accessible. This activity is being led by students doing their internship at AACI.  It  will be meeting every other week.  Come socialize, meet new people and make new friends! Please make your reservation with Shimrit, 054-524-4570 by noon on Sundays.
Trip to Shalva- Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 10:00. Transportation: We will meet at 10:00 am at the bus stop at Yad Sara on Herzl Boulevard and take the 28 bus from there. Come see the various therapies that are offered on an ongoing basis, inclusive educational frameworks, sports and wellness activities, as well as a respite and family support. After the tour it is optional to have a snack or meal at their superb coffee house. For reservations and questions, contact Sara Landau by noon, Sunday, February 10th, at 052-891-5556.
New Films and Dates to be Announced!
With Howie Kahn
“From California to the New York island” including Broadway
Learn the informative and entertaining stories behind the many musical selections of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s! Each session will focus on a different genra of music.
Coming in March
Cost: AACI Members NIS30/ Non members NIS40.
Please call for reservations: 02-5661181
“A splendid time is guaranteed for all.”
The Joys and Challenges of Grandparenting
New dates to be announced

Grandparents are very important in the lives of our children and grandchildren. We offer our
families our life experience, enthusiasm, attention and love - however there are also many
challenges involved.

We will discuss the importance of grandparents for families and learn listening skills for sharing
the joys and challenges of grandparenting and for building close relationships with children,
parents, sons- and daughter-in-laws.
AACI Yard Sale!
New date to be announced
Toys, games, clothing, kitchen and household wares, books and more!
Delicious food, drinks, and challot will be for sale!
A true bargain-hunter’s delight!
Toys, games, clothing, kitchen and household wares, books and more!
Delicious food, drinks, and challot will be for sale!
A true bargain-hunter’s delight! 
Where:  AACI-Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center,
37 Pierre Koenig, Talpiot, 4th floor
AACI Blood Drive in cooperation with MDA  
February 26, 2019
Donate a pint of blood & Get a Pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!
Your donation can make the difference! We are giving a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for a pint of blood.  Want to have your favorite flavor at the next blood drive?  Become an ice cream sponsor and pick your flavor!  E-mail mbarth@aaci.org.il for more information.
Your donation can make the difference!
Donors must:
  • Be aged 18-65 (Those over 65 can donate with a doctor's note.)
  • Be of minimum weight 50 kg
  • Have not donated blood in the last 3 months
Those who have spent a total of 6 months in the UK between 1980-1996, received a blood transfusion or had an operation in the UK cannot donate blood. 
Magen David Adom appreciates all who came to donate on behalf of the individuals who will benefit from your donation.
AACI Jerusalem members benefit from blood insurance in case of need.
When you are hospitalized in Israel, it is a customary hospital procedure to request that someone donate pints of blood to the hospital blood bank. AACI Jerusalem offers blood insurance for our members, and our blood drives “bank” this blood on behalf of all our members.
AACI will now host a blood drive every four months.
If you’d like to get blood drive date reminders by email, please send your e-mail address to mbarth@aaci.org.il
Volunteer with us!

AACI is seeking a volunteer for office/computer work. Willing to train someone who has some knowledge of data entry, use of Microsoft excel. Looking for someone willing to commit to a few hours at a stretch, once or twice a week.

We are also seeking volunteers to help with social networking initiatives on media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Individuals should have experience and confidence using these websites, as well as an ability to work independently coordinating information from a variety of sources. Individuals will create and modify unique content under (indirect) supervision on an as-needed basis. Workload will vary greatly from week to week, and sometimes be spread out over a variety of days. Most work can be completed remotely, if desired. Knowledge of spoken and written Hebrew is an asset.

AACI is looking to set up a database of volunteers who would be willing to undertake small freelance projects on an as-needed basis. We are looking for qualified individuals who are experienced with any of the following fields: blogging; photo editing; e-philanthropy; graphic design; internet communications; etc.

If you are an AACI member who works professionally in any of these fields, but would like to give back 5-10 hours per month on your own time, we encourage you to contact us!

membership@aaci.org.il or 02-566-1181 ext 301

Senior Outreach

The AACI Jerusalem Senior Outreach project continues to make calls to our members 60 years of age and older. Most members report that all is well; many are busy with work and/or family or as volunteers. Others would like periodic telephone calls or visits from Committee volunteers.
We would appreciate volunteers who could visit our homebound members, to play cards or games, or just make conversation to enhance their quality of life. Volunteers also distribute gift baskets at Rosh Hashanah and Purim.

If you feel you would find satisfaction in helping others in this way, please leave your name, telephone number and e-mail address at the front desk so Stefanie can return the call and discuss how your skills and interests can contribute to the Outreach Project’s work. Or e-mail her at sblack@amir.org.il

Stefanie Black, MSW, Project Coordinator.
Community Clean Up Day

Please register by calling AACI- 02-566-1181
Does litter on the streets bother you?

Join the Jerusalem Green Fund & AACI in a community cleanup of Talpiot!
Meet at the AACI, and then head to the streets to collect trash and beautify the neighborhood.
Gloves and trash bags will be provided.

AACI eBook Library
AACI J-Town Playhouse

AACI Travel Program 2019
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