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August 2014
AACI Career & Educational Guidance in Tel Aviv
Helen Har-Tal, the AACI Vocational Counselor has been assisting olim and AACI members for over 20 years in all aspects of employment and career needs. 
Employment services include personal counseling sessions tailored to the needs of each individual, employment workshops for both job seekers, 50+ and those re-entering the job market.
Helen Har-Tal with an M.A. in Vocational Counseling, provides career and educational guidance on Wednesdays (walk-ins between 10am and 1pm) and Thursdays (by appointment only).
AACI: 03 – 696 0389
AACI Klitah Counseling in Tel Aviv
AACI believes that excellent information counseling makes for successful "Klitah"  (absorption) in Israel. 
Our AACI Counselor, Yanina Musnikow, MSW, with over 20 years experience working with olim is up to date on the intricacies of the various rules and regulations and can provide information on a wide variety of topics related to all aspects of living in Israel. These include:
Army; Bituach Leumi; Business Loans and Self Employment; Customs and Shipping; Education / Higher Education; Employment and Job List; Housing; Legal Contacts; Medical; Oleh Rights; Senior Citizen Services, Social Security, Status in Israel; Taxes; Ulpanim; Volunteerism; Widowhood.
Counseling is available Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only.
AACI: 03 – 696 0389
AACI Central Senior Programs
Senior activities are on a summer break and will resume in September.
10:00 til 12 noon Yehuda Solter, exercise.
AACI'S  OFFICE – 94 Allenby (entrance Aleph), (between Grusenberg and Montefiore), Entrance "Aleph", (Mezzanine floor), Tel Aviv
Donation: NIS 15, includeds light refreshments
For more information: AACI 03- 6960389
Financial Resource Network
Individual FREE Counseling Appointments
ark van Gelderen, Financial Adviser .. will be available by appointment only, for free, individual, no-obligation consultations on money management, investments, real estate, taxes, wills & trusts.
AACI. 94 Allenby, Tel Aviv
For an appointment : Contact Shmuel : 02-580 7013, info@isrenet.com
AACI, 94 Allenby, Entrance “Aleph”, Tel Aviv.
For an appointment please call: 02 - 580 7013 or e-mail : info@isrenet.com
Financial Resource Network Seminar
Monday Sept 8, Tuesday, Sept. 9 & Wednesday, Sept. 10
Tour the Magic Sparkles of Michal Negrin’s World!
Tuesday, September 9, 10:00
Join AACI as we tour the magic sparkles of Michal Negrin's World.
Ms. Negrin is the creator of exclusive and unique jewelry,  fashion and home decor items.
Tour begins at 10am and lasts for 1 1/2 hours. It includes a short film and ends with coffee/tea and a pastry (Kosher).

Meet at 9.45pm at 7 Kav Tet b'November  in the Bat Yam Industrial Center.
Buses #18 and 26 in Tel Aviv come to the factory
Cost: Members: NIS 25   Non members: NIS 35
Registration and prepayment essential by 2nd September.
AACI: 03 - 696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
The Basics of Israel’s Insurance World
Tuesday, September 16, 15:30
“So we arrived in Israel, and made the first steps; we are the proud owners of a car and an apartment, perhaps a business, and now it's time to take care of these things and insure them.”
What does the Israeli law require us to insure? What does the bank require us to insure? (Cars, homes, health, life,…..) work for us, or for the insurance companies?
What legal difference does it make?
What is the difference de facto between direct insurance and an insurance agent?
We invite you to come and get all the answers to these questions as well as other questions you may like to ask.
Lecturer: Rubi Moshonov, Business Development, "EGOZ" Insurance House
AACI: 94A Allenby, Tel Aviv
Cost: Members: NIS 20.  Non-members: NIS 30
REgistration Essential: AACI – 03 – 696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Registration deadline date: 14th September)
Speaker/Discussion Group
Today Your World is Born:  Rosh Hashana and the Jewish Quest for Meaning and Purpose
Tuesday, September 16 19:30
With  Rabbi Jeff Cymet
RABBI JEFFREY CYMET (RS '08) is the founder and rabbi of the New Kehila of Ramat Aviv, the Masorti congregation of the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. Working together with local civic organizations, the New Kehila has quickly established itself as the center for young, vital Jewish life in this mostly secular community, and was specifically noted for its diverse membership.
Venue: AACI Central, 94A Allenby Street
Cost:   NIS 10
Registration essentia : AACI – 03 – 696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Happy Hour - Meet old and new friends….
Thursday,4 September, 19:30
Fresh (Coffee & Kitchen) ..kosher dairy.
30 Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv (At the entrance to London Ministore)

(Partial list of buses: 9, 70, 82, 174)
Registration requested : AACI – 03 – 696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Bridge Lessons In Ra’anana
Bridge lessons for those with basic knowledge of the game (Advanced Beginners)
Wednesday evenings 7-9pm in Ra’anana
Join ongoing group meeting in private home, at no charge for first lesson, to determine if class suitable for you.
Cost for course of 5 lessons: Members: NIS 200.  Non-members: NIS 300. Limited availability.
Registration and Further Information: AACI 03–696 0389
All books remain at a reduced price of NIS 10 each, hardbacks: NIS  15 each
3 for NIS 25.
…..We're also accepting more books in good condition…...
Looking forward to seeing you !!
AACI, 94 Allenby, (Between Gruzenberg and Montefiore), Entrance "Aleph", Mezzanine floor,
Tel Aviv.  Bus nos: 14, 18, 24, 25, 61, 62 and 82.
AACI Tel Aviv Senior's Cookbook

Welcome to our AACI Tel Aviv Senior's Cookbook with delectable recipes including chicken/papaya soup, eggrolls, salmon/asparagus tart, buckwheat pancakes, Shanghai chicken, orange mousse, fudgy carob brownies, pumpkinchiffon pie and marin torte.

To order a copy, please call AACI: 03 - 696 0389 or
e-mail :

Pre-payment essential.

Cost : NIS 35 (to pay in cash in the office)
            NIS 45 (includes mailing)

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