AACI Central Programs & Activities 
AACI Career & Educational Guidance in Tel Aviv
Helen Har-Tal, the AACI Vocational Counselor has been assisting olim and AACI members for over 20 years in all aspects of employment and career needs. 
Employment services include personal counseling sessions tailored to the needs of each individual, employment workshops for both job seekers, 50+ and those re-entering the job market.
Helen Har-Tal with an M.A. in Vocational Counseling, provides career and educational guidance on Wednesdays (walk-ins between 10am and 1pm) and Thursdays (by appointment only).
AACI: 03 – 696 0389
AACI Klitah Counseling in Tel Aviv
AACI believes that excellent information counseling makes for successful "Klitah"  (absorption) in Israel. 
Our AACI Counselor, Yanina Musnikow, MSW, with over 20 years experience working with olim is up to date on the intricacies of the various rules and regulations and can provide information on a wide variety of topics related to all aspects of living in Israel. These include:
Army; Bituach Leumi; Business Loans and Self Employment; Customs and Shipping; Education / Higher Education; Employment and Job List; Housing; Legal Contacts; Medical; Oleh Rights; Senior Citizen Services, Social Security, Status in Israel; Taxes; Ulpanim; Volunteerism; Widowhood.
Counseling is available Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only.
AACI: 03 – 696 0389
AACI Central Senior Programs
March 18 Symbolic Seder
March 25 Dr. Nichole Leitner - "Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids for the Elderly"
For information call 02-566-1181,  Ext. 301
Meetings:  Wednesdays 10.00am-12 Noon
Yehuda Solter – brief Torah commentary
Donation: NIS 15, includeds light refreshments
For more information: AACI 03- 6960389
AACI'S  OFFICE – 94 Allenby (entrance Aleph), (between Grusenberg and Montefiore), Entrance "Aleph", (Mezzanine floor), Tel Aviv
Financial Resource Network
ndividual Meetings
Individual free, no-obligation consultations with Mark van Gelderen (Financial Resource Network), on money management, investments, real estate, taxes, wills & trusts.
Tuesday, 24th March from 4pm – 6pm.
AACI. 94 Allenby, Tel Aviv
For an appointment : Contact Shmuel : 02-580 7013, info@isrenet.com
AACI, 94 Allenby, Entrance “Aleph”, Tel Aviv.
For an appointment please call: 02 - 580 7013 or e-mail : info@isrenet.com
Financial Seminar – including FATCA Compliance
Thursday, March 19, 18:30
“What to expect this tax season – U.S. & Israeli Taxes”
Presenter : Larry Stern CPA (US), (Partner at Aboulafia
(Partner at Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Co.)
AACI, 94A Allenby, Tel Aviv
Members: NIS 20. Non-members: NIS 30
For U.S. citizens living in Israel, this seminar will review:
* Complying with Obamacare taxes on your 2014 US tax return
* FATCA compliance
* What to expect on your tax returns
Registration essential - AACI:(03) 696-0389 or  aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Benefits and Rights with Kupat Holim - Know your Rights
Monday, March 23, 17:00
Did you know that sometimes your Kupat Cholim are just reselling private insurance products?...
...Or that the basic supplemental insurance policies are strictly regulated by the government to help ensure equality of care?
Presenter - Gabe Pransky, Founder and Director of AACI's Shira Pransky Project
Members : NIS 20  Non-members : NIS 30
AACI Central, 94A Allenby Street, Tel Aviv
Registration essential: AACI – 03 – 696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
 Day Tiyul to Ashkelon National Park, Ashdod and Bnei Darom
Sunday, 22nd March 2015.  (Licensed Tour Guide: Julia Newman)
We will explore the city of Ashdod – the town which was established by the Philistines in biblical times and became one of the largest and the most beautiful cities in Israel.  We will visit the parks and the squares, the observation points and the bridge, where the Egyptian army stopped during the Independence War – which saved Tel Aviv.
We will then visit the Ashkelon National Park – an amazing mixture of ruins, lush vegetation and great views. Ashkelon was a strategic stronghold along the ancient coastal plain route, which was at the peak of its power during the Roman period. Some of the jewels of antiquity are to found within the park: the oldest known arch from Abraham's times, a magnificent basilica from the Roman period, amazing views of the coastal plane, and much more…
We will conclude our tour in the visitor's center in Bnei Darom – the best place to learn, taste and purchase virgin olive oil.
Please bring a picnic lunch.
(Registration deadline date: Tuesday, 17th March).
We just need a few more people to make this tiyul happen…
Meet at Arlosorov Railway Station, close to Shlomo Sixt Rental Cars at 8.50am.  Leaving at 9am and returning 5 - 6pm.
Members: NIS 180.     Non-members: NIS 195.
Registration and pre-payment essential : AACI - 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com 
“What Are Your Symptoms Communicating?”
Tuesday, March 24 11:00
Come explore the connections between the mind and the body. Devorah is a Reflexologist and an associate in Logo Therapy (meaning centered counseling) and is passionate about the body’s innate ability to heal itself. She is fascinated by the role that the thoughts we think and our attitudes have on our lives and our bodies.
Come and learn how to make these connections, take responsibility for your illnesses, symptoms or diseases, and to understand deeper meanings behind them. This talk is very motivating and you will leave more inspired and in touch with your body.
AACI Central, 94A Allenby Street, Tel Aviv
Cost: Members: NIS 20   Non-members: NIS 30.
Registration essential: AACI - 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com     
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The Most Useful Apps For Your Smartphone & Tablet
Wednesday, March 25, 14:00
Speaker: Leslie Rose from HelpDesk50+….www.helpdesk50plus.com
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  • Discussing both Apple and Android, how to download and install apps.
  • English language apps to make everyday living easier, more convenient and reduce stress !
Most apps mentioned will be free.   Bring your smartphones, tablets and iPads.
Private home: 3/11 Harakefet, Ra’anana.
Members: NIS 20.  Non-members: NIS 30.
REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL : AACI : 03 – 696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Invitation to a Magical Evening!!
“A Special Edition of the monthly Happy Hour”
Take a break from your Pesach preparations and join us on Sunday, 22nd March 2015 to spend a magical evening at:
“Sorcerer’s Night”
…a Tel Aviv restaurant (kosher meat menu) where the waiters perform a first-class magic show (in English)….. 
Doors open at 8pm. While dinner is served between 8pm-9.30pm, magicians will perform at your table. The stage show starts at 9.30pm. 
NIS 95 for the show (includes a 5% discount).
NIS 60 minimum for food or drinks.
 Visit the restaurant's website for online registration: 

1) Click on "Buy a ticket". 
2) Choose the date: Sunday, March 22, 2015. 
3) Fill in promotional code: aaci (using small letters) 
4) Click "Apply". Make sure the price has been reduced from NIS 100 to NIS 95. 
5) Choose how many tickets you would like to buy. 
6) Choose your method of payment and complete payment. 

The ticket will be sent to you by email.     We will be seated together as a group. 
Sorcerer's Night
6 HaArba'a Street
Tel Aviv
For questions, please call Sharon : 054 – 231 7699
Happy Hour -
Meet old and new friends in different venues
new date to be announced
We take this opportunity to thank all our loyal and devoted friends, who participate in the happy hours again and again and help make them a success.
New participants are always welcome. Come and join us!
Registration : AACI- 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
A Fascinating Walking Tour In Little Tel Aviv
Wednesday, March 18, 10.30am – 13:00
We are going to walk along the small, beautiful streets of Tel Aviv, when it was still young.
We will enjoy Rothshild Boulevard – the first and the most famous one, where the Independence of the State of Israel was declared, see the largest mosaic in town describing the development of the city, will visit the Hagana Museum to learn about the struggle of the Jews for independence, and will get familiar with some of the most beautiful houses in Tel Aviv – the Great Synagogue and the Pagoda House.
At the end of the tour we will visit Beit Bialik – the home of the Israeli national poet Haim Nahman Bialik, which is now a museum.
Meeting place will be given on registration.
Members: NIS 50.  Non-members: NIS 60 including two museum entrances
The tour requires a fair amount of walking.  It will end at the corner of Allenby - Nahalat Binyamin streets. 
Registration and pre-payment essential - AACI: 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Spanish Classes
Grammar and conversation will be the focus of this class, conducted by an English/Spanish speaking teacher.
Basic Spanish knowledge is necessary!
Classes will take place TUESDAYS:  11.00 - 12.15
Venue : AACI, 94A Allenby, Tel Aviv.
Payable on a monthly basis:
NIS 140 for members and NIS 160 for non-members.
To reserve a place in the class, please call AACI : 03 696 0389
Bridge Lessons In Ra’anana
Bridge lessons for those with basic knowledge of the game (Advanced Beginners)
Wednesday evenings 7-9pm in Ra’anana
Join ongoing group meeting in private home, at no charge for first lesson, to determine if class suitable for you.
Cost for course of 5 lessons: Members: NIS 200.  Non-members: NIS 300. Limited availability.
Registration and Further Information: AACI 03–696 0389
"A Jewish Narrative"
Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:00
Feldenkrais For All
Tuesdays, March, 3, 10, 17 & 24, 16:00-17:00
We spend long hours sitting: working at the computer, driving/riding a car, watching TV - all these activities keep us in a frozen and passive position and we end up with back and neck pain, eye strain, shallow breath and overall stiffness and fatigue.
This course will help you use your body in such a way that sitting becomes more dynamic and you can relieve muscle tension in your back, neck and shoulders. This will make the activities that you are engaged in more productive, and will improve your overall posture. 
The Feldenkrais Method was developed in the 50s by the Israeli physicist and Judo master Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. It is a learning system for improving moving and functioning through self awareness.
Members: NIS 140.  Non-members: NIS 180
REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL:  AACI: 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Please feel free to browse through Michal’s website:
All books remain at a reduced price of NIS 10 each, hardbacks: NIS  15 each
3 for NIS 25.
…..We're also accepting more books in good condition…...
Looking forward to seeing you !!
AACI, 94 Allenby, (Between Gruzenberg and Montefiore), Entrance "Aleph", Mezzanine floor,
Tel Aviv.  Bus nos: 14, 18, 24, 25, 61, 62 and 82.
AACI Tel Aviv Senior's Cookbook

Welcome to our AACI Tel Aviv Senior's Cookbook with delectable recipes including chicken/papaya soup, eggrolls, salmon/asparagus tart, buckwheat pancakes, Shanghai chicken, orange mousse, fudgy carob brownies, pumpkinchiffon pie and marin torte.

To order a copy, please call AACI: 03 - 696 0389 or
e-mail :

Pre-payment essential.

Cost : NIS 35 (to pay in cash in the office)
            NIS 45 (includes mailing)

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MY WORLD: Art Exhibit
Jan 5 - March 27, 2015
5th Annual Childrens & Teens Art Exhibition 2015
AACI Travel Program 2015    
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