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AACI Career & Educational Guidance in Tel Aviv
Helen Har-Tal, the AACI Vocational Counselor has been assisting olim and AACI members for over 20 years in all aspects of employment and career needs. 
Employment services include personal counseling sessions tailored to the needs of each individual, employment workshops for both job seekers, 50+ and those re-entering the job market.
Helen Har-Tal with an M.A. in Vocational Counseling, provides career and educational guidance on Wednesdays (walk-ins between 10am and 1pm) and Thursdays (by appointment only).
AACI: 03 – 696 0389
AACI Klitah Counseling in Tel Aviv
AACI believes that excellent information counseling makes for successful "Klitah"  (absorption) in Israel. 
Our AACI Counselor, Yanina Musnikow, MSW, with over 20 years experience working with olim is up to date on the intricacies of the various rules and regulations and can provide information on a wide variety of topics related to all aspects of living in Israel. These include:
Army; Bituach Leumi; Business Loans and Self Employment; Customs and Shipping; Education / Higher Education; Employment and Job List; Housing; Legal Contacts; Medical; Oleh Rights; Senior Citizen Services, Social Security, Status in Israel; Taxes; Ulpanim; Volunteerism; Widowhood.
Counseling is available Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only.
AACI: 03 – 696 0389
The AACI and the Financial Resource Network
Individual Financial Meetings with Mark Van Gelderen.
Free, no-obligation consultations on money management, investments, real estate, taxes, wills & trusts.
Contact : (02) 580-7013 or info@isrenet.com
on money management, investments, real estate, taxes, wills and trusts.
AACI Central Senior Programs
 November 2nd: Lecture by Rachel and Ashley of "Food Addicts 
                                    Anonymous“ No Dues, No Fees, No Weigh-ins”
November 9th:   Lecture by Bruce Brill about his transforming
                                     wind energy technology
November 16th:  Lecture by Daniel Berger, a 37 year energy
                                     industry professional, about the Israel National
                                     Environment Task Force
November 23rd:  Lecture by David Bedein, director of the Center
                                    For Near East Policy.
November 30th:   Lecture by Marjorie Glick – topic to be announced
For information call 02-566-1181,  Ext. 301

Meetings:  Wednesdays 10.00am-12 Noon 
Yehuda Solter – brief Torah commentary
Donation: NIS 15, includeds light refreshments
AACI'S  OFFICE – 94 Allenby (entrance Aleph), (between Grusenberg and Montefiore), Entrance "Aleph", (Mezzanine floor), Tel Aviv
Monday, November 21, 16:30
AACI, 94 Allenby St., Tel Aviv
Members: NIS  20.  Non-members:  NIS 30
REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL: AACI – 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Have you always wanted to start researching your family, but didn't know  where to begin? 
Join us for a lecture on  “Finding Your Family Roots”
Elena Bazes will lecture on beginning genealogy and the steps you can take
to start researching your  family, what resources are available both online
and offline and how to organize your research.
Elena is a Board Member and Publicity Chairperson of the Israel
Genealogy Research  Association (IGRA). She has been doing genealogy
research on her family since the early 1980’s and is a retired lawyer and
college lecturer.
A Jewish Narrative
Herzliya Thursday English Lecture Series. Click here for PDF download
Poetry Meeting
Monday, November 14, 19:30-21:30
Our  monthly meetings take a roundtable format.  Each participant who wishes to read, brings copies of one or two original English-language poems for the group, reads them out, and receives constructive criticism from the others. 
It's also perfectly legitimate to show up and listen without offering poetry.
AACI Central, 94A Allenby, Tel Aviv
Cost : NIS 25
For more details: Mark : 054 - 444 8438 /  www.voicesisrael.com
Book Club
 Sun, Nov 6 Nov & Sun, Dec 11, 11:00-13:00
Venue: AACI, 94A Allenby, Tel Aviv.
Refreshments are always nice, so we’d like to suggest you bring something you like and we'll all share. 
A fee of NIS 10 is asked from each member for use of the room.
Looking forward to our meeting.
For details of the book to be discussed - please e-mail Phyllis: pjajap@gmail.com
AACI: 03 – 696 0389 / aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Happy Hour!!
Thursday, November 3, 19:30
We continue our great tradition of eating our way through Tel Aviv !!” Meet old and new friends in different venues.  New participants are always welcome.
….Venue to be announced
Gentle Yoga for 50+
First class: Monday, November 7 from 16:00- 17:00
This will be a trial lesson
Cost: NIS 30, followed by an ongoing course.
Cost for the course: To be paid in advance every 4 weeks:
Members: NIS 200, Non-members: NIS 240
Venue: AACI, 94A Allenby Street, Tel Aviv.
Lessons include some breathing exercises to increase energy, and poses which will help to improve strength, balance and flexibility, mobility and well-being. 
**Please bring a mat**
Linn took an interest in yoga 8 years ago and has been practicing since then, realizing how the practice has improved her health and well-being over the years. She completed a 3-year Teacher Training Course at Wingate Institute and feels confident that each and every one at every phrase of life, age and ability can practice yoga.
**A chair yoga group can be arranged if there is sufficient demand.**
Sundays ,  2.30pm - 3.30pm
A  7 weeks course.
As we grow older it happens that we lose much of our natural mobility. A slow process of stiffness of the spine and joints, enters in.  Loss of strength, balance and speed, add up to a decreased mobility,
Is this an inevitable fact of life? If not, how can one reverse this process, and regain better control of the body? How can we regain our agility and flexibility?  Using varied techniques of body-mind work, a person will inevitably improve his/her body state, and this is the aim of our course.
Cost  for the course – Members: NIS 350 / Non- members – NIS 420.
Danna Shibolet is an active dancer and researcher in movement studies. She graduated and taught at the Rubin Academy of Dance. She specializes in movement analysis,
Chinese internal martial arts, history of science and Feldenkrais..
REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL:  AACI – 03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@ gmail.com
Tai Chi
Sundays, beginning September 11,  15:30-16:30
The tradition of body mind work has crystallized in China for centuries. It is described and revered as  ‘internal martial art’.
  • Recognized as a no. 1 ‘stress killer’
  • Improves posture  
  • Improves balance   
  • Enhances breathing 
  • Tones muscles
It is not hard to do. No previous experience is needed. Everybody is invited.
Cost for the course – NIS 350 Members, NIS 420 Non-members
Danna Shibolet is an active dancer and researcher in movement studies. She graduated and taught at the Rubin Academy of Dance and specializes in movement analysis, Chinese internal martial arts and Feldenkrais..
REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL:  AACI – 03-696 0389 or  aacicentralregion@ gmail.com
Navigating the Israeli Health Care System
Tuesday,  November 8, 16:30
Presenter: Aviva Yoselis MPH, founder and director of Healthadvize, health researcher, health educator, new Olah of 21 years.
AACI’s Shira Pransky Project presents a unique workshop that includes how to:
a) Navigate the medical system at various stages in your life
b) Shop” for the right doctor and communicate effectively to achieve a “successful” visit
c) Identify problematic health situations and rectify them, quickly and efficiently
d) Feel empowered to make positive medical decisions for you and your family
e) When to go to the doctor’s office, MARAM, the ER, and when to just stay home
f) How to respond in one of the more common medical emergencies
**After the formal sessions, Aviva will take individual questions.
AACI, 94A Allenby St., Tel Aviv
Members: NIS 15.  Non-members  NIS 25.
 REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL: AACI-03-696 0389 or aacicentralregion@gmail.com
Bridge Lessons In Ra’anana
Bridge lessons for those with basic knowledge of the game (Advanced Beginners)
Wednesday evenings 7-9pm in Ra’anana
Join ongoing group meeting in private home, at no charge for first lesson, to determine if class suitable for you.
Cost for course of 5 lessons: Members: NIS 200.  Non-members: NIS 300. Limited availability.
Registration and Further Information: AACI 03–696 0389
All books remain at a reduced price of NIS 10 each, hardbacks: NIS  15 each
3 for NIS 25.
…..We're also accepting more books in good condition…...
Looking forward to seeing you !!
AACI, 94 Allenby, (Between Gruzenberg and Montefiore), Entrance "Aleph", Mezzanine floor,
Tel Aviv.  Bus nos: 14, 18, 24, 25, 61, 62 and 82.
**Join us in helping to arrange interesting, fun and varied programs for AACI.
We would welcome your input and ideas.
Please e-mail: aacicentralregion@gmail.com with “volunteers” in the subject line
and we can arrange a meeting**
AACI Tel Aviv Senior's Cookbook

Welcome to our AACI Tel Aviv Senior's Cookbook with delectable recipes including chicken/papaya soup, eggrolls, salmon/asparagus tart, buckwheat pancakes, Shanghai chicken, orange mousse, fudgy carob brownies, pumpkinchiffon pie and marin torte.

To order a copy, please call AACI: 03 - 696 0389 or
e-mail :

Pre-payment essential.

Cost: NIS 35 (to pay in cash in the office)
          NIS 45 (includes mailing)

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