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Have you arranged for your AACI membership?
New olim from North America are entitled to a year free AACI membership upon payment of one year's membership (2 years for the price of one).
      Have you made an appointment with an AACI
AACI is an organization for the English speaking community.  We are ready to help and guide you.  AACI’s aliyah and klitah counselors can assist you with general aliyah issues, employment questions and your individual concerns.
Have you received your teudat oleh?
Every newcomer must have a teudat oleh (immigrant booklet) to facilitate the absorption process.  This document is usually issued upon arrival at the airport if you processed your aliyah abroad.
For all official transactions, it is advisable to carry with you: passport photos, teudat oleh, passports of all family members and teudat zehut (identity card).
Have you received sal klitah (Absorption Basket)?
The first payment of sal klitah is made at the airport.  Additional payments are then deposited directly into the bank usually over a seven month period.  Olim will need to open a bank account shortly after arrival and give bank details to Misrad HaKlitah, the Absorption Ministry.
Are you going to a mercaz klitah (Absorption Center)?
A mercaz klitah sometimes offers temporary housing for olim for the first couple of weeks, or housing and board for those accepted into a study program, usually for 5 months.  Your shaliach must check your eligibility and make all the arrangements prior to your aliyah.
Have you opened a bank account?
Bank accounts should be opened promptly in order to begin receiving subsequent payments of sal klitah, as well as National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) payments, which are deposited directly into your shekel account.
Have you received your teudat zehut?
Every Israeli carries a teudat zehut (identity card) which is your primary form of I.D. and is needed for many daily transactions.  Olim who receive their teudat oleh at the airport are also able to receive their teudat zehut at the airport.  Olim who arrive during holidays and Shabbat will be unable to be processed at the airport.  If for whatever reason olim were unable to receive their teudat zehut at the airport they will need to proceed to their local branch of the Interior Ministry (Misrad HaPnim) to receive their teudat zehut.  They must bring with them the following documents:
*Teudat oleh
*Document received with teudat oleh at the airport
*2 passport photos (4.5cm X 3.5cm)
*Foreign passport
Olim who arrive with Nefesh B’Nefesh should check with NBN about teudat zehut pickup and delivery.  Those who change their status to oleh in Israel will receive their teudat zehut at Misrad HaPnim.  The process takes 3 to 6 weeks. 
Have you registered with a health fund (kupat cholim)?
Olim receive 12 months free health coverage if they are unemployed or retired unless they are receiving a National Insurance allowance.  You may register with a health fund upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport.  If you choose to register at the airport, you do not have to pay a registration fee.  Should you choose not to sign up at the airport, you must register at a Postal Bank (Bank HaDoar) in any post office.  Bring the referral form and your teudat oleh.  Once you have registered for the kupah of your choice, visit the chosen health clinic to be assigned a doctor.  After one year’s time, if you are not paying health insurance, it is your responsibility to contact Bituach Leumi and arrange for payment.
Have you arranged for your Israeli driver’s license?
After the first year in Israel, an oleh must legally drive on an Israeli driver’s license.  An Israeli license is also needed in order to take advantage of the customs’ benefits.  AACI recommends you apply for your Israeli license soon after arrival.  Go to the local Femi Premium or Teldor optician’s store with your valid foreign license and a photocopy of both sides of the license, your teudat oleh and teudat zehut. For office hours: http://he.mot.gov.il/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=109&Itemid=151
Your photograph will be taken and attached to a form which requires an eye and medical test.  The form must be filled out and stamped by the appropriate medical professionals.  Take the completed forms to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Misrad HaRishui) with your teudat zehut and teudat oleh, foreign license, photocopy, and your foreign passport.  Once the forms are stamped, you will be issued a referral to a driving school.  Ask your AACI counselor for further information.
Have you registered at Bituach Leumi?
If you have dependent children under 18, you may be entitled to monthly payments from the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi).  Bring your bank account number, teudat oleh and teudat zehut.
Have you registered your children in school or kindergarten?
As new olim, you have to register your children at the school registration office.  Bring birth certificates, teudot zehut of both parents, teudat oleh and proof of residence.  You must also know your children's Hebrew dates of birth.  You may be asked for other documents as well.
Have you received your rent subsidy?
Most olim are entitled to a rent subsidy after the 13th month from their date of aliyah.  Rent subsidies are paid directly into the same bank account as your sal klitah.  If you move or change bank accounts within your first year of aliyah, you must notify Misrad HaKlitah.  If the year is up and you have not received your rent subsidy, check with Misrad HaKlitah to see which housing company you should turn to in your area to update your bank information and receive your subsidy. See your AACI counselor for details.
Have you taken advantage of your rights to buy locally made goods without tax?
Olim can buy some Israeli-made electrical appliances, tax-free.  Contact your AACI counselor for further information.
Have you arranged for your income tax reduction?
As an oleh you are entitled to a reduction on your income tax.  Most employers take care of this for you, but if you are not receiving it, bring a letter from your employer to your local tax authority.
Have you taken advantage of discounts and exemptions on municipal taxes (arnona)?
Check with your local municipality about benefits for olim in your area.  Your nearest AACI branch counselor can advise.
Have you asked about special discounts and loans for olim?
Ask AACI about discounts on municipal cultural activities and the TV tax exemption.

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