President's Message
Over 61 years ago, a handful of recent olim from the U.S. and Canada had a vision to create an organization dedicated to helping other North Americans adjust to their new lives in Israel. These pioneers felt that if Americans and Canadians could get a secure foothold in Israel, they would surely become an integral part of the larger society. They had the will, the desire, and the determination to bring the best of North American values to a struggling new nation.
Ever since that time, AACI volunteers continue to help new Olim as well as advocate on behalf of the English-speaking community to improve the lives of all Israeli citizens. These volunteers have made important changes in all our lives. At times, their critical role has brought us prominence in the media, but more often their work is done behind the scenes. 
Whether it was leading the campaign for healthcare and taxation reform, or providing free tutoring to Russian olim who needed a functioning knowledge of English – AACI volunteers saw a need and responded. And they are still responding - greeting new olim at the airport - working in our Membership Department - assisting in our Libraries - answering the phones - working the front desk - helping with our social advocacy initiatives - serving on our Branch Councils or National Board of Directors - or any of AACI’s many other volunteer activities – these caring individuals are proud to be AACI volunteers. Their hard work helps AACI address the issues that impact the lives of our members and the overall quality of life in Israel. 
It is with a deep sense of admiration, and heartfelt thanks, that I applaud all of them. Each one makes a difference to someone. I receive numerous emails and letters telling me about those occasions when a simple smile at the front desk, or a warm greeting over the phone, has made a meaningful difference in someone’s day.  None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of our AACI volunteers.
If you’re not already among the ranks of our volunteers, I urge you to consider giving as little as one hour a week to help AACI continue in its vital role as the preeminent voice of Israel’s English-speaking community. To volunteer, contact AACI at
Asa Cohen


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