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Driving in Israel without a valid driver’s license is illegal.
New immigrants (olim), temporary residents, returning residents and tourists are permitted to drive in Israel with a foreign or international driver's license for one year following their date of entry into Israel.  The category of vehicle driven must match the category stated on the valid license and the age requirement must comply with the Israeli requirements for that category.
The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Misrad HaRishui) (www.mot.gov.il) allows olim, temporary residents, returning residents and tourists to convert their foreign license to an Israeli one using an abridged process. They are exempt from taking the written exam however, a short road test is compulsory. All foreign drivers’ licenses must show an issue date. If they do not, a document from the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles with the date the person received their driver's license may be shown. Please note: you must be at least 17 years old.
Olim may convert their foreign driver's license for an Israeli driver's license within 3 years of arrival. Note, however, olim cannot drive on a foreign license after one year from date of arrival in Israel. Olim may convert their license on condition that the foreign license was issued prior to their arrival in Israel. 
Returning residents may convert their license on condition that the foreign license was issued at least six months prior to their return. They must convert their license within one year of their return.
Tourists must convert their license after residing in Israel for one year. If that year was interrupted by trips abroad, the tourist may be permitted to drive in Israel for longer than one year but only if they receive permission from the Ministry of Transportation. Tourists must receive an identifying number from Misrad HaRishui before they start the license conversion process and can then apply to transfer their foreign driver’s license with their foreign passport, foreign driver’s license and a valid 3-month tourist visa. If the Tourist has multiple entries and exits to and from Israel, Misrad HaRishui reserves the right to request a written test in addition to the practical test.
Temporary Residents must convert their license within one year of their arrival.
NOTE: Driving without a valid license invalidates both compulsory and comprehensive insurance.
Please note:  You do not need to hand in your original foreign driver's license.
  1. Go to your local Femi Premium or Teldor optician’s store with your valid foreign license and a photocopy (both sides) of it, your Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut or passport.
  1. At the optician’s store you will have your photograph taken and computerized forms will be printed with your photo on the medical and eye tests forms, also called the Green Form (Tofes Yarok).  (Note: If you hold a license for more than 1 type of vehicle, you must have a Tofes Yarok for each license you wish to issue.)  The eye test can be done through your health fund or at most local opticians’ offices, for approximately NIS 70. The medical forms must be filled out and stamped by the appropriate medical professionals at your Kupat Cholim. If their stamps do not appear on the forms, the forms will not be accepted.
  1. Upon completion of the forms, take them to one of the Misrad HaRishui Branches that provide the conversion service. Also, bring your Teudat Zehut and Teudat Oleh, foreign license with a photocopy of both sides and your foreign passport. Confirm the Misrad HaRishui branches and their operating days/hours for this service at www.mot.gov.il. Once the forms are stamped, you will be issued with a referral (hafnaya) to a driving school. If you have special medical conditions that may affect your ability to drive, see the AACI Information Sheet Driver’s Licenses for People with Health Problems.
Major Femi Premium and Teldor Branches 
(Check the Transport Ministry’s website for other branches
Femi Premium    and   Teldor    Branches           
Optica Center, Rigosin 9
Beer Sheva
Optica Markovitz, Mercaz Big
Opticana, HaNegev Mall
08 628 6386
Beit Shemesh
Optica Halpern, Mercaz Big
Nahal Refaim 38, RBS
02 679 9008
LaOptica, Giborim 85
Sha’ul Ziggy, Lev HaMifratz Mall
Opticlub, Nevi’im 2
Optica Markowitz, Beitar Sports Association, Malcha Mall 1
Optical Center, Ben Yehuda 2 Kikar Zion
02 678 5858
Opticanion, HaHaroshet 48
Kfar Saba
Optica, HaDor HaShlishi, Mall G
Optica Eye to Eye, HaKadar 2, Hadarim Mall, 2nd fl.
09 861 6544
Optica Cohen’s, Ahuza 106
Ramat Gan
Ital Optic, Ayalon Mall
Optic Meir, Derech Yerushalayim 2
Tel Aviv
Shakuf Optic, Dizengoff Center, minus 1 fl.
Optica Halpern, 93 Ibn Gvirol
Contact a driving instructor to schedule and take the practical examination (road test). The instructor will issue you with a form to pay the registration fee for the road test. It must be paid at the Post Office. The school should have the up-to-date registration fees. A driving instructor's car must be used for the test. One driving lesson is mandatory but you may need a few more. The instructor must schedule the test for you. The test may take place at any branch of the Misrad HaRishui. Please see below, a list of branches. Note that if you take your driving lesson and test in an automatic transmission vehicle, you will be issued a license limiting you to drive only automatic vehicles. However, if you take the lesson and test using a standard transmission (stick shift) vehicle, it will be valid for both types. 
Driving lessons cost approximately NIS 120 per lesson. Standard time for driving lessons is 40 minutes. The driving test fee is NIS 400 which includes the practical examination (road test) and use of the car from the driving school.  Please note prices are subject to change.
The road test is a control test, which lasts 15 minutes and tests your physical control of the car, knowledge of local traffic laws and safe driving practices. The instructor will bring your forms to the test.
Bring with you: teudat zehut; foreign passport; foreign driving license and copy of registration fee receipt. An examiner from the Misrad HaRishui conducts the road test.
Results from your road test will be given to you by your instructor later that day or the following day.
If you do not pass the road test you may continue to take it until you pass.   
Once you have passed your test, you will receive a temporary paper license either from your instructor or by returning to Misrad HaRishui. You must take this temporary paper license to the Post Office to pay the fee. Immediately after payment, your temporary license is valid when used with your teudat zehut or passport. The license is valid for 10 years except for the following cases, for which it is valid for a 2 or 5 year period only. The fee for a 10 year license is currently NIS 434 (fees subject to change).
2-year period license. The fee for a 2 year license is NIS 93. (Fees subject to change)
  • A new driver. 
  • A driver, 60 years old and over, of: a public transport vehicle, a heavy goods vehicle, a security vehicle and a children transport vehicle.
  • A driver 70 years old and over.
5-year period license. The fee for a 5 year license is NIS 225. (Fees subject to change)
  • A 5-year license is issued following completion of the 2-year new driver period
Renewing your driving license
The renewal date that appears on your license is identical to your date of birth. Approximately one month before the renewal date, you will be sent a new temporary paper license with an attached payment slip to be paid at any bank/postal bank. If you do not receive it, notify the Ministry of Transport at telephone *5678 or 1 222 5678 (from overseas: 972-3-942-1920). Your new photo-card license should be received at your address within one month of payment. To renew your license on line: www.e.gov.il (Hebrew and English).
Following are addresses of Misrad HaRishui offices where olim may convert their license.  Website: http://www.mot.gov.il
6 HaGdud HaIvri, Sea Mall
9 Katznelson, Kiryat HaMemshala 5th fl.
33 Sderot Shazar, Beit Noam
12 HaMelacha, HaIr Mall
2 Edison, Haifa Bay
1 HaTnufa Rd, Talpiot Industrial Area and Clal Building, 97 Yaffo
2 HaKadar, Hadarim Mall
Petach Tikva
7 Elazar Friedman, Sirkin Mall 3rd fl.
Tel Aviv
1 HaLochamim, Holon
52 HaGalil, Galil Center Building
Misrad HaRishui offices are open to the public Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 am – 13:00 pm (hours vary) and Sundays 15:30 - 18:15 (hours vary) for license renewal. The Misrad HaRishui in Holon takes care of license conversions only on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 – 11:30. The Misrad HaRishui in Haifa takes care of license conversions during morning hours.  Misrad HaRishui has a Central Information Service where phone inquiries are accepted between the hours 7:00 - 19:00. Dial *5678 from any phone. AACI recommends you call to confirm office hours.
To check traffic violation fines go to: http://www.hanaya.co.il/index.htm.
The information presented in this article was accurate at the time of printing. Changes in procedures and in the law may occur. AACI does not take responsibility for changes and recommends you confirm the above information with an AACI counselor at the time of transfer.
Safe driving!
Update March 2016
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