Employment Services
Finding suitable employment is a key factor to successful aliyah. AACI’s Employment Resource Center plays an important role in the job search of potential, new and veteran olim.
AACI Counselors can utilize their resources to assist, networking and provide ongoing support during the job search process. 
Vocational Counseling

Services provided by AACI  
  • Vocational and guidance counseling regarding employment
  • Developing and identifying appropriate contacts for networking and employment purposes
  • Confirming licensing requirements, exam dates, training courses, etc.
  • Offering individualized resume guidance
  • Researching and updating information sheets
Employment Resource Center

The Employment Resource Center at AACI’s National office in Jerusalem and the Central Branch office in Tel Aviv enable job seekers to consult AACI’s library of resource information, use a computer, fax, phone and printer for the job search, and/or schedule a personal appointment with a vocational counselor for resume and job hunting advice. The center also maintains bulletin boards listing courses, job opportunities, announcements, etc.
Pilot Trips regarding Employment

Overseas members who plan a Pilot Trip for employment purposes can pre-arrange a consultation with our Vocational Counselor who can provide:
  • Setting up networking contacts
  • Distribution of resume and cover letter in advance
  • Personal meeting with the job developer during the pilot trip, and follow-up
  • Availability of the facilities of the Employment Resource Center (phone, fax, photocopying).
Other Services to Olim and AACI Members

In addition to individual counseling, AACI Branches sponsor individual workshops, lectures and seminars on employment-related topics, and give information on Business Forums and Professional Networks throughout the country which focus on different professional fields.  For the oleh/olah looking into the possibility of opening a business, AACI can direct inquiries to experts and agencies who provide professional business consultancy geared towards the needs of new olim, and process applications for an AACI business loan.
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