AACI’s Gala Brunch
Brunch Chairman:  Stuart Forman
Join us for a luxurious brunch at the Inbal Hotel on Friday, June 15th where we will honor the professional staff of AACI’s Klitah department:  Josie Arbel, Sheila Bauman, Miriam Green, Helen Har-Tal, Carole Kremer and Yanina Musnikow.
For over 60 years, AACI’s Klitah counselors have assisted you through phone calls, office visits, emails and interactions in AACI offices around the country.  AACI’s Klitah Department guides our English-speaking members, new and veteran immigrants through the bureaucracy of government offices, and answers questions about education, army, social security, healthcare and more.  Klitah counselors also participate in various community fairs in Israel as well as Aliyah Fairs in North America and plan and implement “navigational” lectures, workshops and seminars.  Regardless of the situation, AACI counselors devote their time, energy and experience to finding answers and solutions. Now you have an opportunity to help us honor AACI’s exceptional Klitah Department.  
Keynote speaker, Deputy Minister Michael Oren, is a former Ambassador to the United States and now serves as Deputy Minister, head of public diplomacy in the Prime Minister’s office, and is himself an oleh from America.
Cost for brunch at the Inbal Hotel:  *NIS 250 per person
(* Please note that you will receive two separate receipts, one for the reservation and a donation receipt.)
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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to honor AACI’s team of exceptional, caring counselors.
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