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 AGE CATEGORY (10-13, 14-18) AND writer’s last name
AGES 10 – 13
Crazy Grandma By Ayelet Allman, Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
On Thursday night,
My brother was right.
Crazy Grandma would look after us.
About everything she made a fuss.
My parents went away,
And Crazy Grandma came to stay.
She invited round her friends who were insane,
That I thought they didn’t have any brains!
They were wearing clothes that were fancy shmancy,
And were eating and drinking, with crazy dancing.
They all got drunk,
And sneaked into someone’s trunk!
The driver got in the car,
And drove very far.
My brother and I had a big fright.
What would happen to us tonight?
My parents were away.
They’d only be coming back the following day!
The police came to arrest Grandma,
Who was still in the trunk, eating a mashed banana!
The police took us to the house and Grandma to jail.
When Mom and Dad returned, they thought it was a fairy tale!
They wouldn’t believe what we had to say
About Crazy Grandma and this incredible day!
My Hard Life at School By Avivit Altman,  Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
School for me isn’t easy.
When I’m at school, I feel queasy.
All the homework, projects, tests
Puts on way too much stress!
The only thing I ask is for help and care.
But that I didn’t get, and it’s just not fair!
To my parents I cried and cried.
Alright now, all I wanted to do was hide!
Tutoring from my friends and family I ask.
But they were too busy, and had too many tasks.
Finally, help and attention I get,
And for the time being, I don’t have to fret!
The Israel Adventure, By Naava Applebaum -- Age 10.5
Chorev Girls’ School
Hello, my name is Isabella, and I just moved to Israel last week. Let’s just say that it is really hard to understand what is going on here. I have NO friends, and no siblings, so it is super boring. Want to hear something even worse? I am sure that you don’t, but who cares? SCHOOL IS STARTING TOMORROW!
So I told my parents what was happening, and that I was so going to hate school, and they said that they knew about it. But they said:”You will be the happiest kid ever in about one week!” I answered:” I won’t!”
One Week Later…
I went to my room, and I saw a dog! My mouth never opened so wide! I was so, so, so excited!
One Week Later (with the dog)….
My dad was right- I was a very happy kid! It did not matter that I had to do a book report in Hebrew. I was almost done with it, because my mom did half of it! Let’s just say that I worked really hard on the other half of it!
The Day of the Book Report!
Today was the day! I was very nervous. I put my report on the table, and went to eat breakfast. When I was done, I   got the report, and put it in my bag. Guess what? I saw my dog eating it! I sat there in tears…
I will get back to you when I am in school…….
It only took one hour until the teacher believed me. So I guess this is the end of my sad or bad story- and if you were wondering, I did not have to redo the book report. So goodbye!
P.S Don’t let your dog eat your homework!
Words of Wisdom By Naava Applebaum -- Age 10.5
Chorev Girls’ School
Life is not always fair.
Sometimes, you have to share.
Some days are fun,
When you lay in the sun.
Some days are bad,
And you might feel sad.
I know you may hate school,
But if you didn’t go, you’d be a fool.
Try and think in a positive way.
Then you’ll have a great day!
Turn your frown upside down.
Smile while you walk around town!
Healthy food try to eat.
Have chocolate just as a treat!
Help people and be kind.
It will relax your state of mind.
These words of wisdom will help you,
Possibly in your future, too!
The Slumber Party By Naava Applebaum, Age 12
Chorev Girls’ School
We waited so long for this night.
It really felt so very right.
Party ghosts and mashed bananas.
They all snored like old grandmas!
Until five in the morning we stayed awake.
Then Mac and Cheese we did make.
We had a dance competition.
I was on top of the mission!
It went so very fast.
It was just a blast!
We watched a movie,
Which was so very groovy!
To sleep in the succa we could not do.
So all the house felt like a zoo.
In the morning we had to leave.
The whole sleepover did succeed!
Back to the Past by Michal Cantor – Age 11
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
A blue light hit my head. I didn’t understand what happened. I just pressed a button!
My name is Amanda. My parents are Ana and Jack, and I have a brother named Jojo. We live in the year 2120.
A few days ago I came back from school. Mom and Dad were at work and Jojo was in school. Lunch was on the table. I put my food into the microwave and sat down to eat. I turned on the TV. Suddenly a strange blue light came out at me and grabbed me and pulled me into the TV. I started to fly. I went through a lot of channels until I got to an old channel from the year 2020. Everything was quiet. I felt really weird. Suddenly I saw a hole in the TV. I looked through the hole but it was all black. I decided to try to go through it.
As I stepped through the hole the world looked strange. There were no robots on the street! Cars were driving on the ground, not in the air. And people were wearing plain cotton clothes without lights or batteries like I was wearing.
Suddenly I bumped into an old man. “What year is it?” I asked. He said, “It’s 2020. Why?” Amanda said, “This morning I woke up in 2120. Have I gone back to the past? I wonder how I did that!?!”
“Who are you?” he asked me. “I am Amanda Cantor. My parents are Ana and Jack. Who are you?” “I’m Steve Cantor.” “Hey, we have the same last name. Are we related?” asked Amanda. “Amanda, are you my great granddaughter from the future?” asked Steve. They hugged each other and began to talk about their lives. Then Amanda said, “Steve, let’s take a selfie before I go home so I can show my family that I met you. Even better – why don’t you come back with me to meet our family in the future!” “Sure!” said Steve.
They walked back to the TV. It was in the same place where she left it. They went through the hole. A blue light hit both of them. They were flying to the future. The TV landed softly and they both went out through the hole. The whole family was waiting for her. “Where did you go?” they asked. “I went back to the past and look who I bought with me – great grandpa Steve from the year 2020!” They all hugged and kissed him. “Tell us what’s there in the past. How did you get here?” The family sat talking to each other all evening.
The Adventure of Titsy By Moriah Elbaum, Age 11,
Chorev Girls’ School
It all began when I, Tom Elbaum, woke up in the best mood ever. I had not woken up in a mood like this for a long time! It was the first baseball game in the season!
Well, after I awoke, I had my shower as usual.
“Mom, where are my baseball socks?” I screamed.
As you know, it was a tradition to wear the same socks again and again at each game. Well, it did not mean that you had to do this. It was just for professional baseball players. Of course, I was not a professional baseball player, but, you know, that didn’t matter.
“In the wash!” my mom yelled.
“But Mom,” I called. “I told you to wash them!”I yelled, as I walked out of the bathroom. Luckily, the washing machine had not been started yet. I quickly took out my socks and left the bathroom.
My sister, Libby, just woke up, and was in her “leave me alone” mood.
“Hi!” I said to her
“Aaaah,” she screamed.
“Okay,” I answered and went to my room. It was Sunday, so that meant I had a day off, and it also meant that I had baseball all day- well, more of a baseball game.
“Mom, where is my shirt?” I called.
“Coming, sweets!”Mom called. Once Mom came upstairs, I’d already found the shirt and pants, and Libby was lying in my bed, talking to her stuffed animal, Titsy.
“Mom!” Libby yelled as Mom approached my bedroom. “Tom has a game today!”
“Really,’ Mom answered, as if she didn’t know that I had a game.
Anyway, Dad came home, and we left. The drive was about twenty minutes, and we arrived at the game in good time. Libby brought her stuffed animal, Titsy, but then Titsy got lost! ‘Yay!’ I thought.
“Mommy!Daddy!” Libby screeched hysterically. “I CAN’T FIND TITSY!”
“Let’s go find him!”Mom answered. We looked on the floor, in the car, and even in the dressing rooms- but no Titsy! Finally, we decided to look in the bathroom, and believe it or not, we found him.
But suddenly, a girl snatched him and ran off with him! We chased her, but when we caught up with her, she didn’t have him anymore. She said that she’d put him in the men’s bathroom! So we had go inside, and we found Titsy lying there!
“Titsy!” Libby cried, excitedly. By then, the game was about to start, so we ran back just in time, and guess what? WE WON!
The End
The Recipe for Success By Moriah Elbaum
Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
It’s very special because it doesn’t make a mess.
These are the ingredients- now listen closely.
You need love and caring mostly.
No bowl, no fork, no spoon.
You could do it in the light of the moon.
Go on, take a lick.
Now go to the table and sit.
Isn’t it yummy in your tummy?
And now go outside,
And write this recipe in your file!
Adventure at the Beach By Maya Faust, Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Hi! My name is Maya, and I’m eleven years old. Today, my parents went to the beach, and as soon as we got there, I ran to the water to swim. I guess that I swam too far, because suddenly, I saw my parents shouting at me to come back. I started swimming back. Then suddenly, I saw something shiny on the seabed under the water. I dived down, and grabbed it, and a little fairy appeared.
“Shhh!” whispered the fairy. “I am a wish fairy. Now you can make a wish!”
“What? Where? Who? How?”
“Whatever! Said the fairy.” But wish now, because I need to go soon. I’m just doing my job.”
“I hate my house!”I began. “I wish that my family and I live in a bouncy castle in the middle of the ocean, with everything that we need!”
The fairy closed her eyes, pointed her finger at the ocean, and disappeared. I looked at the spot where she had pointed her finger to, for a few seconds. But absolutely nothing happened.
“Maya! Maya Faust!’ I heard my mother screaming from the sand.” Come back here right now, or you’re grounded forever!”
Mum carried on till I swam back, and yelled even more at me. When she stopped, I said sorry, and kissed her. Then she acted like she forgot everything that had just happened.
Suddenly, my family rose in the air, and landed in a bouncy castle in the middle of the ocean, with everything that we could possible need……..
Imagination and Reality By Maya Faust -  Age 11,
Chorev Girls’ School
When I close my eyes, I see
All the things that I could be,
All the things that I could do,
All the things that could be new.
I would climb upon a huge tower,
I would show off my awesome power.
I would spread my arms and fly like a bird.
I would make a noise like no one ever heard.
When I open my eyes,
What I see is a surprise.
I always thought my life was bad,
Always making me really mad.
My eyes are open, and all I can see
Is my super, awesome family.
I’m a sister, granddaughter, and great granddaughter,
A cousin, a niece and a daughter.
My eyes are open, and this is what I see:
And it’s definitely what I want to be!
My Best Friend By Yakira Fisher -- Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
My best friend lives in my house.
He’s usually as quiet as a mouse.
But sometimes a lot of noise he does make.
Then at night, we’re all awake!
He loves to look around,
As he’s  playing on the ground.
Chicken he loves to eat.
He gets it as a treat.
He sleeps in lots of places,
While he’s making happy faces.
Have you guessed who my friend can be?
It’s my pet dog called Muffy!
The Birthday Party By Yakira Fisher -- Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
Emily was excited. Her parents said that she could plan her birthday party all by herself. Emily decided to do an animal party, because she loved animals so much.
She invited all of her friends, and her sister helped her to decorate the house with decorations of animals everywhere. Even the plates and the napkins were with animals.
A week went by, and finally, it was time for the birthday party. All of her friends came, and her uncle was ready with all of his animals. Emily was so excited, and the party started.
All of the animals were in groups. There were dogs, bunnies, and pigeons. The dogs knew a lot of tricks. They sang a song, and went through hoops. The bunnies were so cute, and the pigeons did a really cool trick. My uncle put the pigeons in a box, and they disappeared. All Emily’s friends loved every minute of the party.
It was the best birthday ever!
Trouble in New City  by Ayala Funkelstein – Age 11
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
Do you like video games? I love them! Imagine if there is life inside the games…..
Tom is a character in the game “Surfer” over the internet.
“Mom,” said Tom. “Can I go play with my friends outside?” “When you say ‘outside’, do you mean in the internet?” asked mom. “Yes. I promise I won’t play next to the virus hole,” said Tom. However, in his head, Tom planned to run away from his game. This was because Bilbo, the creator of Surfer, was taking their money that they collected from his game. Tom planned to run away with his friends to YouTube and build a new world in it. He had four friends: Angela, who wanted to become a singer; Ben, who’s a computer genius (nerd); Ginger, a very active kid; and Hank, who likes to watch TV and eat.
Tom and his friends ran away to the internet. Bilbo didn’t care that they ran away but Tom’s mother was worried about him. Tom figured that when he was settled in a new location, he would invite her to join him. Along the way they saw lots of games like “Zappers” and “Buildin”.They looked at the options and chose to go to YouTube because it was the biggest world in the internet. They began to build their world, which they called “New City”. They made a diner, a park, a mall, and a school in the city. Then Tom invited people from different games to come live in his city. Tom wanted to be the CEO because it was his idea to build the city but the people who joined didn’t believe that he and his friends were the creators. They heard about Bilbo from Surfer so they invited him to be the CEO of New City.
So Tom and his friends rented a garage to hide from Bilbo. In the garage Angela was singing while Ben was playing a Zapper game. Ace the king of the Zappers heard Angela and wanted her to be their star singer. So he pulled Angela into the game. Ginger, who didn’t stop jumping, accidentally jumped into the game after Angela and Ace. Ben saw this and because he was a computer genius, he thought he could save them so he jumped in too.
Ace made Angela into a famous singer in Zapland. He gave her a special crown that controlled her mind. So Angela was happy in Zapland and didn’t want to leave. She enjoyed all the attention and didn’t want to return home. When Ben and Ginger found Angela, they tried to convince her to come back. But Angela refused to come.
In the meantime, Hank was watching Angela singing on TV because the game was connected to the TV. And then he saw Ben and Ginger trying to convince her to come home. He knew there was going to be trouble! So Hank told Tom what he saw and Tom sent a message to Ben and Ginger to remove Angela’s crown and take it back home with them. Ben saw the message and immediately removed the crown. At once Angela realized that she was kidnapped and ran back with them to New City. 
In New City, Tom put the crown on Bilbo’s head. The crown controlled Bilbo’s mind so he wanted to go to Zapland. Immediately the Zappers came to take Bilbo away. Since Bilbo was gone, Tom became CEO and he and his friends ruled. After all this, he invited his mother and the Surfer people to come to New City and live there with them.  
A Birthday Present by Shira Funkelstein – Age 9
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
There was a boy named Benaya. Benaya had a birthday. The birthday party was going to be on the beach. His whole family was going with him to the party. He packed up the cake, balloons and snack. His parents brought him a big surprise – a dog! Benaya was so excitied to have a dog. In the car on the way to the beach Benaya and the dog played the whole time. When they opened the door at the beach, the dog jumped out of the car and ran straight into the water. Benaya tried to run after the dog but the dog swam too far out into the ocean. So Benaya called the lifeguard to go after his dog. The lifeguard went into the water and saved the dog. Benaya was so happy, he gave the lifeguard a piece of his birthday cake!
Diary Entry By Yael Gan Zvi, Age 12
Chorev Girls’ School
Dear Diary,
It was a bright, sunny morning. The moving day had come. Today, we were moving to a new city. I was a little worried, but excited, too! The moving truck parked outside the front door. Two men got out of the truck, and walked to the entrance. We had already packed up all our things in boxes. The men schlepped the boxes to the back of the truck, and they carried two boxes at a time. After they were done, the truck pulled away and drove off. We left straight after the truck. After driving for two hours, we got the new house, which was big and pretty. The movers unloaded all our stuff into the new house, and in no time, we had put all our things in the drawers and closets.
The next day, my parents took me to my new school. I was nervous, but my class looked lovely, and the teacher was nice. We learned math, English, and art. When we finished classes, the teacher talked to me about the school. I was very pleased when a girl invited me to her house. However, I told her that I’d love to come, but I was meeting my parents outside. When I met them, I told them all about the invitation. They were really happy for me. We went home, and at four o’ clock, I went over to my friend. She was very nice to me, and we had a great time! In the end, moving had not been so bad!
Thank you for listening to me, Diary!
************************************************************************                                                 It’s All for the Best by Cherut Gat – Age 10
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
Once there was a girl named Noa. She was eleven years old and soon she was going to have a Bat Mitzvah party. One day she was going to her gymnastics class when she tripped over her shoelaces and got hurt. She thought that she was ok but when she tried to step on her leg, it hurt. Her friend called her mother. Her mom came and took her to the hospital. The doctor told Noa’s mom that she broke her leg. Now Noa wouldn’t be able to go to gymnastics for a while, but even worse, she wouldn’t be able to have her Bat Mitzvah party when her leg was broken. Her mother said that the party needed to be pushed off for a month at least.
Noa was very disappointed but it ended up for the best. The day that Noa would have had her Bat Mitzvah party, there was a terrible snowstorm in town. All the guests wouldn’t have been able to come to her party in any case. So Noa waited a month until her leg got healed. After a month she had her Bat Mitzva party. It was worth the wait!
The Substitute Teacher By Liba Goldstein
Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
When I got to my class, I saw a new teacher.
She had an unusual feature.
She had seventeen pimples on each cheek.
Then she started to strangely speak.
She sounded like a dying pig,
With a really odd, fluffy wig!
Her wig looked like a porcupines head,
And every time she moved, it started to shed.
The teacher asked us a question, but we were all confused.
We asked her to explain, but she refused!
We thought her instructions were too hazy,
 And maybe she was a little crazy.
But then she showered us with candies and sweets,
And she also gave us lots of treats.
Every time that we did our work well,
An interesting story she would tell.
In the end, we had a ball,
Having fun at the mall!
THE ADVENTUROUS SWITCH By Ashira Gotlieb -- age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Hi my name is Tom Fuller.
The story I’m about to tell you changed my life.
It was three years ago that I was supposed to be on my way to England, but my flight was canceled because of a massive thunder storm! I was on my way back from picking up my dog, Sylvia, from my friend who was supposed to watch her while I was away. Suddenly, it started to rain, and I could see purple lightning shooting down from the sky coming in my direction.
Next thing I knew, I was waking up in an animal hospital surrounded by veterinarians, I tried to speak, but every time I opened my mouth, I heard a bark or a growl, and that’s when I looked at myself. I saw four hairy brown legs and a big black nose; “I don’t understand” I tried to say, but again all I heard was a bark.
I started to remember things that had happened recently. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back! Next thing I knew, I was in a cage at the back of a van! Two minutes later the van stopped and someone opened the door. They put a leash around my neck and let me out. I saw a beautiful, orange, brick house with a huge garden! Then, two identical girls walked out of the house. Their names were Sam and Lily .They were wearing blue dresses with white polka dots.
I began to wonder if I got hit by lightning and switched bodies with my dog. “Is that even possible?!” I asked myself. Was this all a dream?
I was taken into the house and led into a room with an amazingly comfortable dog bed, and bright green walls. I lay down on the bed, and fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing and dogs barking. Then Sam and Lily came into my room, put a leash on me, and took me for a walk in the beautiful garden near the house.
Suddenly a cat jumped on me and started to attack! “What is happening to me? This is out of control” I said out loud, but all I heard was myself barking. Then I noticed another sound: the cat was talking, and I could understand what she was saying. She was saying that she knew that i was a human trapped in a dog’s body, and she would help me turn back to normal, if I helped her find a home and a loving family.
I told her that I had a plan, but in order for this plan to work, I would need to be a human. Then she handed me a bird feather, and said that I had to mix water and oil with the feather, while saying the word ,”human,” until the oil sunk below the water. Then, if I drank the mixture, I would return to my human form.
“Do this tonight and meet me here tomorrow morning, and then keep your part of the bargain—find me a home,” she said.
“Deal,” I replied. So I did what the cat said and it actually worked, but I probably would be sick with some strange disease soon. The next morning I met up with her, and I could still understand what she was saying. She told me that I could speak to animals now.
I told her to close her eyes, and she did. I took her to the nearest pet store, and bought her everything she wanted, and then I took her to my house and adopted her.
The next day, I learned that Sylvia had died a day after I was struck by lightning. So I named the cat after her.
And that’s the story that changed my life.
The Map to Success By Ashira Gotlieb -- Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Hi, my name Elisha. At the beginning of World War II, I had a great family, but sometimes they got on my nerves. My sister’s name was Jennie. As for my parents’ names, I never really asked. We lived in Frieberg, a small town in Germany, a few days away from the Swiss border. We were Jewish.
My story begins on my birthday. I was turning eleven, and I had planned a very big party at school, but my mother said that I could not go to school anymore. So after school finished,  I went to the park to play with my friends, but they teased me. After that, I went home and cried myself to sleep. The next morning, I asked my parents what was going on. Why couldn’t I go to school anymore? Why did my friends tease me?
They told me that the truth of the matter was that a very bad man named Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews, and he was planning on starting a world war. That is why we had to leave. So, my parents told me to pack my bags. Before I could react, there were five sudden, very loud knocks on the door. My father immediately knew what they meant, so he told all of us to hide, even Jennie. We managed to hide before they broke the door down, but my father was not quick enough.  Jennie, Mom, and I went into the basement. Jennie and I hid in laundry hampers, under the dirty clothing, and my mother hid in a cupboard. We heard the crash of furniture all over the house and finally we heard loud steps on the stairs coming down to the basement. They found my mother pretty quickly, and took her away. And when the last guard was checking the basement, Jennie started hiccoughing. I managed to quickly slide behind the open door before the guard found Jennie. Jennie, Mom, and Dad were taken away.
I knew what I had to do. I quickly grabbed my Dad’s tefillin and a siddur, and ran out the backdoor without thinking. When I couldn’t run anymore, I stopped. I had no idea where I was. But then I saw a line of Jews with their hands and legs tied together with rope. I quickly ran in the other direction, but fell because my shoe laces were untied. My mother always told me to tie my shoelaces, or I would fall. The soldier guarding the Jews looked up at the sound, but I managed to escape his attention. I crawled away and hid behind a huge rock. By then I was hungry and tired and I did not know what to do. I decided to put on my father’s tefillin and pray until I could pray no more.
I ended up falling asleep with the siddur in my hands. When I woke up, I realized that Hashem was already helping me. Right in front of me there were two, intertwined apple trees. They were in the shape of an “X”. Sticking out of the ground, right in front of them was a shovel. I decided to eat an apple because I was starving, but after I was full, I started digging. I found a small, rectangular, brown box. The box was locked, and it had a keyhole. The key was nowhere to be found. I dug deeper and searched for the key. Finally I got so tired that I decided to take a nap. Using my jacket as pillow, I placed it under my head. Through the cloth I felt a hard, metallic, object. I unraveled my jacket ,and found a key. I quickly took the key and tried the lock on the box. It opened! Inside the box was a map that showed where the people around me were walking, and where there were hiding spots for me to use. After carefully studying the map, I found a route leading me to Switzerland and safety.
After walking for eight days without any food, always living in fear of being stopped and taken away, I made it to the Swiss border. The map helped me locate a path across the border that was out of sight of the border guards.
During the war, I sold newspapers so that I could save up money and travel to Israel. I arrived there in 1948, and I was adopted by a nice, childless couple, who kept me safe and loved me as if I was their own biological child. At the age of twenty, I met the girl of my dreams, got married, and had three children. One of them grew up to be a Rabbi. The others became explorers. They made good use of my map. But that is another story.
A Poem about My Dog By Matanelle Greenwald -- Aged 10
Chorev Girls’ School
I like dogs because they’re such fun.
I like playing with my dog in the sun!
And when we are in the house,
My dog loves to catch a mouse.
When my mom takes the mouse away,
My dog plays with his mouse of clay.
My dad came to say goodnight.
He then turned off the light,
Because my dog loves the dark,
Then he won’t at all bark!
Also, my dog loves bones,
And he likes ice cream cones!
Oh, how I love my dog called Muffy!
He’s so cute and so very fluffy
The Shadow A Poem by Rivkah Insel, Age 12
Chorev Girls’ School
I sit in my swing, watching the sky grow dark.
In the distance, I hear a dog bark.
As the sun goes down, the horizon fades to blue,
And slowly, slowly, the shadows me they pursue.
The whole backyard is now encased with darkness.
I am terrified by the yard’s starkness.
It seems like the shadows are chasing after me.
They come even faster when I run speedily.
The faster I run, the larger they grow.
They grow and grow, till the sky is no longer aglow.
Darkness has set, the shadows are gone.
In a few hours time, it will be dawn.
By the sun rising, it will bring us hope.
The brightness of the sun will help us cope.
With the help of G-d, we will try to be content,
And hopefully, we’ll all have lives well spent.
The White Moon By Tifferet Jacob
Age 10, Chorev Girls’ School
It’s a really black night,
And that gives me a fright.
To my house alone I must walk,
So to myself I talk.
I want the moon to light the way,
So I’ll feel safe like in the day.
Oh, here it is, the moon!
Now I can get home really soon.
Oh, no! Here’s a bear!
Don’t go, moon1 It isn’t fair!
Wait! The bear is no longer here.
So now, I don’t need to fear!
My Favorite Things By Yocheved Kestenbaum
 Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
My favorite thing to do after school
Is to play all day in the pool.
I love to play piano and to read,
And feed my hamster all his seeds.
Hot dogs and hamburgers I love to eat,
While I sit in my favorite seat.
America is my favorite place to go.
There, I love sitting at a Broadway show!
I like to sleep and lie in my bed,
While I am resting my tired head.
I love riding my bike, and flying my kite,
Till it is far up and out of sight.
I like to draw, and poems to write.
Now I’m getting tired, so goodnight!
The War in My House
By Yocheved Kestenbaum, Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
Hello, my name is Lily. I am 10 years old, and I have 15 siblings. The one problem in our house is that we only have one bathroom. Every morning, there is a long line of people waiting to get into the bathroom….
 One morning, I woke up and really had to go to the bathroom.As usual, there was a long line.When it was finally my turn to use the bathroom, my mom called us downstairs for breakfast. Oh! I forgot to tell you I have a twin sister and her name is Neta. So anyway, I went downstairs and ate breakfast until the school bus came to pick us up and take us to school. After school, I went home and to my bedroom. I decided that tomorrow morning, I would wake up early and get to the bathroom first and that is what I did. The problem was that my siblings had the same idea, and when I got to the bathroom, there was a long line. I walked back to my room, fed up, and decided that this was war.
 In the middle of the night, I got up out of bed and brought a pillow and blanket to the bathroom. I was planning to sleep in the bathroom the whole night to make sure I was first. Things did not go according to plan, because my mom woke me up, and told me to go back to my bed! My mom asked me why I was sleeping in the bathroom, and I told her that I wanted to be the first to have a turn in the bathroom in the morning. So I went back to sleep in my bed.
In the morning, I woke up and just before I left for school, my mom promised me a surprise when I got home. After classes, I came home, like it was any other ordinary day. I was excited for my surprise. I went upstairs and I was amazed to see two new bathrooms! I was so happy! I hugged my mother and screamed with delight! The next morning, when I got out of bed, there was no line to go to the bathroom…
 Now every morning, I wake up happier and more relaxed now that I don't have to wait on line for the bathroom!
The Invisible Magic By Aliza Laub -- Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
Magic is usually darkness and light,
But some is invisible, and has extra light.
Silver, blue, green and red are the colors of regular magic,
And the people of invisible magic are so tragic!
Magic is controlled in one way- by imagination,
And most people use it only on vacation.
Invisible magic is not real.
But a magician can make a rope turn to steel.
The magicians of invisible magic are very adored.,
And of course, they’re never bored.
They live a long and happy life,
But they also have some strife.
Making stuff invisible they can do.
People, of course, they can make invisible, too.
Most people are very impressed.
But it’s not even the magicians’ best!
Rocks, trees, bushes, and more,
And not to mention your front door.
All these things invisible they can make.
It’s true! This is not fake!
Come Alone By Talia Laub -- Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Sitting on my bed at night alone,
With nothing but my sister’s phone.
Babysitting while my parents are away,
Shaking, with nothing to say.
Then suddenly, I heard footsteps and got quite a fright.
I was ready for a rough fight.
I heard a noise from the door that sounded like a bang,
And then the doorbell rang!
Slowly, I opened the door.
I was super ready for more!
I ran to turn on the light,
And then saw a really great sight.
It was my mom and dad.
Oh, boy! Was I glad!
Now I know that I’ll sleep tight,
And I will have a peaceful night!
I Love School! By Talya Mechlovitz --  Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
School is so much fun,
When we learn outside in the sun.
Every day when I go to school,
We play with everybody in the pool.
The pool we were lucky enough to get.,
All because of a silly bet!
The principal made a bet that he’d win a game,
And that is his big claim to fame!
The girls are all very nice.
They always have good advice!
So this school is so great,
To go to school I just can’t wait!
The Scarf Lady by Haya Mencer – Age 10
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
Once there was a poor old lady called the Scarf Lady. The lady always tried to sell her scarves but no one was interested. If anyone just listened to her words they wouldn’t regret it.
One day a contagious fire started in the woods and spread into the town where the Scarf Lady lived. Houses were destroyed and all of the people died. Police from other countries came and they found one lady who survived. Guess who it was!? The Scarf Lady! The police asked her, “How did you survive?” She told them that her scarves that she sold had magical powers that helped her survive. From that point on, everyone respected elderly people and they lived happily ever after.
The Mystery of the Missing Glasses By Moriya Miller --Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
I  took them off, and…
Into my bed I land.
Wait! My glasses I can’t see!
They’re usually next to me!
“Mum, I don’t know where my glasses are,
And maybe they’re in the car!”
Perhaps they’re in the hall,
Or on the floor they did fall.
Without them I can’t see.
Maybe they’re in the sea!
We went to the beach last Friday.
It was the last day of May.
Maybe they’re buried in the sand,
As we sat listening to the band.
Hey! Wait! They’re on my head!
“Mummy, they’re here!” I said.
SPORTS! By Kinneret Nir - Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
All kinds of sports I love to do:
Swimming, gymnastics, and basketball, too!
I play sports nearly every day.
That’s so much fun in every way!
I cannot stop, it’s so much fun,
And I will never stop to run!
The best games are gymnastics and basketball.
When I play, I try not to fall.
I go with some friends to the basketball court.
There, a tough game we really fought.
Swimming I especially love to do,
From the first time in my life I grew!
So do sports- it keeps you healthy,
Because to be fit- is to be wealthy!
That Night y Daniella Pulitzer -- Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
That night will be so great.
How long for it will I wait?
And I will be so thrilled,
That my heart with joy will be filled.
So special with my family.
Up celebrating with them especially.
Partying till late at night.
Every detail will be so very right.
Really excited for this day.
Now I wait for my bat mitzvah in May.
It’s going to be fun in every way!
Going to find a super dress.
Hope I don’t trip and make a mess!
That night will be so great….
Friends By Liana Pulitzer -- Aged 10
Chorev Girls’ School
I love my friends,
Because we stay together till the end!
They’re always there for me.
Best friends we shall be.
When they’re sad,
It’s really bad.
I need a friend to hold me tight,
Take away the darkness, and bring back the light.
And in the end,
Everyone needs a friend.
The Fight By: Shahar Rappoport
 Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
Hi, my name is Ava. I’m ten years old, and  I have two little sisters, a dad and a mom. My best friend’s name is Lily. She is in my class. I want to tell you something about myself that I’m really proud of…
 It all started in the math class, I’d already got bored,  so I started doodling. Then, there were knocks on the door, I was happy that somebody was distracting us in the middle of math class. It was girls from 8th grade, the highest grade in school. They said that there was going to be a contest between all the girls in school. The contest worked like this: each girl that wanted to, had to write a story. The work could also be done in pairs, or in a threesome.
Lily and I looked at each other. The person in charge of the contest explained that it had to be written and printed out. She said,” It should be ready in two weeks. We will come and take it from everybody. Then we will have seven winners with big prizes.” They asked if anybody had questions, and nobody had, so she left.
The last ten minutes of math class felt like years. I was super excited, I felt like I had to win something. Finally, the bell rang for recess. Lily and I got right to work. We were trying to think of a good plot for our story. We had lots of ideas, so we chose one of them. It was one of my ideas. Then the bell rang, ding-dong-ding-dong. It was the end of recess, which meant Spanish class. I loved Spanish class a lot.
 A week later, our story was finished. Lily brought it to class, to show me how she typed it nicely. It was perfect. A week later, girls from 8th grade came to take our stories from our class, it was only us and another girl. Four days later, the principal announced out loud the winners. 7th place… 6th place... I was crossing fingers, and I saw that Lily was also crossing fingers. 5th place…, 4th place…. I was literally saying please. And for 3rd place… and for 2nd place… and 1st place. And 1st place are… Ava and Lily! I didn’t believe it. There was so much clapping. Then the principal continued: “The winners should come to 8th grade with the teacher, Alex, at lunch recess”. Lily and I were so excited. We waited till it would be time, with almost no patience. Finally, lunch came. I tried to finish what I was eating as fast as I could.
The bell rang, Lily and I ran upstairs. We both fell, but we continued running. Finally, we got to 8th grade. They gave us our prize and guess what it was - it was a ticket to a show that we had been waiting and saving up for! The problem was that it was only one ticket, and we both wanted to go to the show. Then, this was the part which I less liked about what happened, but I will still tell it.
We started fighting. I said that the ticket belonged to me. So Ava asked me why, and I told her because I had given the idea. Ava said that it belonged to her because she typed it. That fight was a week long. Finally, I suggested that we would give it to charity. Lily agreed, so that was what we did. Now that I think about it, I’m proud of myself!
Great Reasons to Read! By Shahar Rappoport and Ora Sueke
Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
Reading books is such fun,
Especially in the hot sun.
If you want to learn to spell,
Reading will help you write well!
About the world you can read,
And also about people who are in need.
You should read day and night,
Even in there is no light!
If you select your books carefully,
You may always live happily.
To learn more, you have to ask,
So books can help you in your task.
Reading books can create great things.
It could set you free, as if you have wings.
I like to read books here and there,
I love to read everywhere!
The Key to Friendship  by Elisheva Reich – Age 11
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
“I don’t want to move houses! I want to stay here – in my old neighborhood and my old school!” Orly thought to herself.
Orly was eleven years old. She moved to a new neighborhood over the summer. The first day of school, as she came to her new classroom, she slipped on some flour. She got up and she saw that standing in front of her was Emily, the snobbiest girl in the class.
“Ha! Ha! I pulled a prank on you! Welcome (not!) to our class.”
Orly walked slowly around the room to find a chair but every time she came near a chair someone put something on it. No one wanted to sit next to her. She missed her old friends and her old school. She walked around the classroom until she found an empty chair. Day by day Emily and her friends pulled pranks on her. It made things very hard for Orly.
A few weeks later, their teacher announced, “There is going to be a talent show in two days. Everyone can sign up to enter. The winner will get a free meal in a restaurant.” Since Emily has a good voice, she told everybody that she is definitely going to win. Orly heard about the talent show and decided to enter. She was an expert ballet dancer and liked to perform. Two days passed and the contest started. Emily sang, Orly danced, and many other girls participated as well. It was a close contest. The judges announced… “and the winner is… Orly!”
Orly was so happy that she started to jump around in a circle and clap her hands.  When she turned and spotted Emily’s sad face she walked over to her and said, “You know, you’re a really good singer.  I enjoyed your performance.”
Emily couldn’t believe what she was hearing!  She thought for a moment and said, “I’m sorry for all of the pranks I pulled on you and for making fun of you.  You’re really a nice girl and I want to be friends with you.” Orly said, “Sure! Why don’t you come to my house after school.”
Thanks to Orly’s “talent” for forgiving and being sincere she now has lots of new friends.
My Brother’s Wedding By Lily Rose Reinstein
Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
For my brother’s wedding, I can’t wait,
I really hope I won’t be late!
My dress is so pretty, and filled with flowers.
I wish the wedding will go on for hours.
My brother really loves his bride.
Together like a shoelace they are tied.
In Tel Aviv the wedding will be,
And the chuppa I can’t wait to see.
There are going to be flowers all around,
Even petals on the ground!
Adventure at Sea By Lily Rose Reinstein
Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
Hi. My name is Lily, and I want to tell you what happened to me last week at the sea. On Sunday, I went to the beach when there was no school. When I got to the beach, I took off my clothes, quickly put on my swimsuit, and ran into the water. I was having a lot of fun when suddenly, I felt tickling on my back, and when I looked at my parents sitting on the sand, they got smaller, and smaller. Then I realized that it was the current dragging me deeper into the sea! I was terrified, and I saw that the water was really deep.
Then I felt the tip of a fin- a very sharp one. It was a shark! Then I felt sharp teeth in my leg, and there were lots of little red bubbles everywhere!, and I realized that it was my blood! I was so scared, and it was getting dark.
Suddenly, I saw a light in the distance that kept getting bigger and bigger.  When it honked, I knew that it was a boat, a rescue boat. I was so happy! The rescuers came right next to me, dragging me out, and brought me to shore. I caught sight of my parents, and they quickly ran to me, picked me up and carried me to the car, then drove me straight to the hospital.
Today, I have ten stitches. I almost died, but I got lucky. Thanks for listening to my story. Goodbye!
A Fight on the Bus By Malki Rosenzweig --Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Hi! My name is Tehila, and I'm a fifth-grader at Chorev Elementary School. I have an older sister and brother in high school, Sarah and Moshe, and one younger sister, Lia. She's in first grade. For me and Lia to get to school, we take the school bus. On the school bus I have two friends, Lily and Lola. We usually sit together on the back seats while Lia sits in the front seat watching movies on her tablet. To be honest, the bus is usually really fun to be in.
But one day, that all changed. I went to the bus and sat down where I usually sit, next to my friends. They told me exactly what happened. Lily said that she sat down on a whoopie cushion that the boys put there. Lola sat down on water, and when she got up, it looked like she had an "accident." Then I sat down, on a piece of gum. The boys did it all. They boys put a whoopie cushion on Lily's seat. The boys poured  water on Lola's seat. The boys stuck gum on my seat.
About a day later, we gathered all the girls on the bus, and planned our sweet revenge. We took a bucket, filled it with water and pink food coloring. We added glitter glue, and some more sparkly stuff that we found. We smeared it on the door of the bus, and waited for the boys.
When the boys came, splash! The boys were pink! They had sparkly hair and sparkly faces, sparkly clothes, and pink everything! Things like this were going on for about four months, till we agreed on a ceasefire. To be honest, I didn't really think of it as a war, until we asked each other if we want to do a ceasefire. I just thought of it as a really big fight. The boys reminded us how it all started. We told them, "You guys invaded our territory, and put whoopie cushions, gum, and water on it." Then the boys said, "Then you invaded the entrance to the bus, by splashing us with pink gunk."
Suddenly, we felt the bus stopping. We were interested to see what was happening. We heard the bus driver coming toward us. And then he started to speak. In a loud voice he said:
"This bus isn't yours, or yours, or any of yours! It's mine! And I've been cleaning it up after you messed it up! And I've been doing that for the past four months! Did you ever notice that the bus was clean when you got on, but filthy when you got off?"
It made me feel really bad to hear that. I never thought that there was somebody else on the bus who had to clean up after us, and work hard just because of us. I think everybody felt that way. That's probably why, today, the war stopped.
The War By Malki Rosenzweig – Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Hi! My name is Sara, and this story is all true. It all started in 2014, when Mom got pregnant and I had my own room, which was about 6 meters long and 6 meters wide. There were two beautiful windows with pretty curtains, two outlets on every wall in the room, a big closet and bed, my pet hamster, Willy, a toy box, and a desk- and it was all mine.
Mom gave birth to my new little sister, Tilly. She was really cute. Anyway, that meant that I'd have to give my half of my room to Shir, my other little sister. Fast forward to 2018. Tilly turned 4, and was old enough to share a room. With whom? Her decision, of course, Shir and I both wanted our own rooms.
 We started acting really mean to Tilly, so she wouldn't want to share a room with us. The war began. I called her weird, and Shir called her lazy. I gave her the silent treatment for about half an hour. Shir took her favorite toy.
About an hour later, when I went out of my room after a short nap, I saw Tilly. She looked really, really sad. I went into her room to apologize, and didn't act mean to her any more. And guess who she picked to share a room with? Shir! She told me that she knew what we were doing, and that she really liked it that I stopped being mean to her. Tilly knew that Shir would stop behaving badly once she moved in!
The New Kid in the School By Yakira Rubin, Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
Last year, a new kid called Tasha came to my school in the middle of the year, and she was placed in my class. She spoke French, and she stood out a lot. I wished that I could be her, because she didn’t do any work. But deep inside, you could tell that she was crying.
I tried to help her every day. After school, I attempted to invite her over. But she didn’t understand me, and she went home by herself, alone. She lived across the street from the school. She did stuff that other people did not do..
My friends and I hung out after school, and we saw Tasha. We tried to ask her if she wanted to hang out with us, too, but she just went home, not noticing that we were talking to her.
About a month later, she began to understand some things that happened in class. She became my best friend, and we did many things together, like going to movies. After a while, I introduced her to everyone. Finally, she became very popular.
But when I had to switch schools, she was back in the corner. So I persuaded her to switch to my school, and we were best friends again! The rest of the class never even realized that she knew French. They thought that she just knew English, like me, and we have stayed friends till now!
My Strange Day Poem by Penina Schorr
Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
Today was a very strange day, I tell you.
On my way to school, my scooter flew.
 I got to school, and I was confused.
I wanted to go in, but the guard refused.
That was great, because I didn’t want to go.
I wanted to go home, and lie very very low.
When I woke up, I saw a..a…I don’t know what.
It looked like a mad pot that was very hot!
I called my mom at work.
She said:”School you must not shirk!
Go to school right away,
Because at home you must not stay!”
So I pretended to go to school.
I took my backpack and went to the pool.
I had enough money from the tooth fairy.
I got to the pool, and saw something scary.
There was a monster doing a “cannonball.”
I tried running so much that I was about to fall.
I looked in my bag and noticed that I had no fare.
I needed to walk home, and that wasn’t fair!
I headed back home-I was hotter than ever.
I hoped that would never happen again- never, never!
My mother came home with an unexpected surprise.
She came home with a dog. He was a massive size!
It was so weird that  I was about to steam,
Then boom! I woke up, phew! It was just a dream!
The Adventure Thirty Years Ago
By Penina Schorr, Age 11, Chorev Girls’ School
Hi, my name is Penina, I am ten years old, and I am going to tell you a story about myself….
 Two weeks ago, my Mom asked me to go to the store to get flour, so I did. On my way, I saw a strange looking…um… something. I peeked just a tiny bit through the keyhole and saw a small bottle cap, it said: Do not touch in a weird handwriting.
All this “something” looked like a strange fort. I saw a two NIS coin, and I decided to take it. I took it and boom!!!  I accidentally pressed on the bottle cap that was meant to be a button. I felt like I was floating, then the floating feeling stopped. I opened my eyes and I saw my grandma walking with my mom and uncle. They looked like in the picture hanging on Mom and Dad’s wall in their room. What I mean is that Grandma looked like in her thirties, Mom looked nine and -and my uncle looked like four years old! Now the main reason I did not want to make eye contact with them was because I looked exactly like my Mom! So I stayed inside until they came. Then I thought that if I tell everyone this they were no way going to believe me that I’d gone back in time, and I wanted proof!
So then I remembered that I brought my phone with me! Finally, having a dumb phone was paying off, because if I would have taken a picture with a smart phone, it would have looked like special effects. So I took a picture with me, them, and the old store. I tried buying flour from that store, but it did not work.
 ”Sorry kid, we do not take that money!” the cashier said. So I looked in my bag, and I found my coin collection. I had all kinds of coins, and once my Dad found seven old coins from when he was a kid, and gave them to me. I took one out and handed it to the cashier. The whole point of that was to have more proof that I’d gone back in time at least 30 years, but then I noticed there was another good thing about it, I was the one millionth customer! The person gave me a three hundred NIS gift card and he said that he had a brand new car for my parents! So now I had way more proof!
 A lady came and told me she would drive the car until my driveway. That lady happened to be my principal… it was pretty embarrassing and she was very young, and was not very strict. I showed her the way to the fort that happened to be a time machine. She was confused, and she parked it in the time machine. I said goodbye, pressed the button, and got back home. I ran back home and got my Mom and Dad to come down to see. I showed them the picture, and the car, and the gift card, and they were the most shocked I have ever seen them, which was very expected. My parents reported the whole thing to the newspaper, but they wanted more proof, so I went back and forth a few times until they gave up. I got very famous, and another person tried it. But the machine only worked with me. That day was the most interesting day ever.
Since then my family and I have lived happily ever after.     
When I Learned How to Fly
 I was ten years old when I crossed the Atlantic Ocean.  I was running away from my stepmother.  I made myself wings out of duck feather and it was on a winter day.  It was snowing outside but I decided it was time.  My stepmother was sick, so she couldn't chase after me. 
   I ran out of the house to the beach.  I put on my wings and started to flap my arms.  I suddenly noticed I was flying!  It was getting colder and the snow was piling up on my wings.  I was going lower and lower and I saw the edge of the water below me, as well as the edge of my life!  I was sweating from panic.  Suddenly I heard a loud alarm ringing in my ears.  I woke up and looked around me.   It didn't take long for me to realize I was in my bed and it was Monday morning.  Time to get up for school.
    By Ateret Schreiber
    Grade 6
    Mamad Givat Mordecai
    Age 12
The Big Bang Robbery By Chana Schulman  Age 12
 Chorev Girls’ School
He went to the bank.
Money he did indeed take.
He was so obsessed, that he wanted more.
So he went to the bank named Bore.
On his way back,
He saw an officer named Mac.
He did indeed try to run,
Although Mac wanted to have fun.
There was a long car chase,
But Mac was determined to see his face.
Mac finally caught up to the car.
He took some of the money, and went to the bar!
A Hike in the Rain by Adielle Sherizan – Age 10
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
Once there was a family with five children. They wanted to go to a hike in the Carmel Mountains. It was a sunny day. They packed up water, snacks, hats, sandwiches, flashlights and a mat for a picnic. They packed up everything and drove to the Carmel Mountains. They started the hike. The view was beautiful!
Suddenly it started to rain. They didn’t expect it to rain so they didn’t bring coats. They brought a mat so they used the mat as a tent to protect them from the rain. Then they had a picnic under the tent. It didn’t stop raining until late at night. When it stopped raining, they started to walk in the dark with their flashlights. But in the dark they lost their way.
By accident they slipped into a muddy puddle and got all dirty. It was late and they were wet and tired. Suddenly they saw a light in the distance. They walked towards the light and, to their relief, saw it was the parking lot. They found their car and drove home. They said to each other, “Next time we should check the weather forecast before we start hiking!”
My Adventure at Chessington By Ora Sueke,Age 11
Chorev Girls’ School
Hi. My name is Libby. I am seven years old, and I’m the youngest of six. Today, my family and I are going to Chessington World of Adventure Rides. It is a theme park in England. It is a half an hour’s drive from my house to get there….
“How much time until we get there?” asked my big brother, Eyal, ten times.
When we arrived, my big sister, Ora, went with me on the vampire ride. It was fun. Then I wanted to go on a different ride, so I went off on my own, without telling my sister. I kept walking and walking for about ten minutes. Suddenly, I realized that I was lost! I went looking for my family all around Chessington. I was so scared that I would never find them again. I was nearly crying!
After fifteen minutes of looking, I caught sight of my friend with her own family. I felt very relieved. Her mum helped me look for my family, and after I happily found them, we played and played, until it was time to go home. I said thanks to my friend, and we drove off.
From that day on, I am much more careful about wandering off on my own, and I stay close to my family.
The Adventure in the Jewelry Store by Shira Turetsky – Age 10
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
My name is Joe and I live in Toronto. I want to tell you a story that happened to me three years ago.
I had an idea to open up a jewelry store. Many people liked my jewelry and I had many customers. Over the years more and more people came. One day I went to work and saw that some money disappeared from the cash register. I told myself not to get scared yet. I started to look for the money. I searched for two hours when I saw the back window was broken. So I called the police. The police came and asked me to tell them what happened. I showed them the broken window. They started to search the store and found fingerprints. So the police announced that all the people in the neighborhood need to get fingerprinted. All the neighbors came – except on guy named Max. I knew that he wasn’t a nice man. The last couple of weeks he was acting suspicious. He asked me what time my store closed, what time I leave the store, what time I go to sleep, and if there’s an alarm in the store.
So the police went to his house and caught him. Max and I went to court, and Max was found guilty. The judge put Max in jail. Max had to return all the money he stole. I became rich. I lived happily ever after.
Gymnastics By Chana Tzippel -- Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
My name is Chana, and gymnastics is my hobby.
Sometimes for fun, I do it in the lobby!
My mum and I think it’s healthy for me,
And I hope my family will agree!
I can do gymnastics-any kind.
That is all what’s on my mind.
Sometimes I feel cool with this thing,
Even more that playing on a swing.
I am very flexible, I’m sure.
Oh, gymnastics I adore!
I think gymnastics is good for you,
And it flexes your bones, too-
I already know how to make my back bent.
Now this whole poem to Grandma I’ve sent!
The Scary Halloween By Tehilla Wachtel -- Age 12
Chorev Girls’ School
It was Halloween, and I was going trick or treating with my friends. Suddenly, we saw a very creepy and deserted looking house in front of us.  My friends did not want to stop at the door, and go in. So I went by myself. I knocked on the door. A strange man opened it.
“Trick or treating,” I said.
“The treats are on the fridge!” He called.
I went to the fridge in the kitchen, and I suddenly heard the front door close shut, and it being locked! I took the basket off the fridge, and saw that there was nothing in it! What was going on?   The man came in the kitchen, and said in a sinister way,
“You’re never leaving here! You have to clean my kitchen!”
I did notice that the kitchen was very dirty. I was so terrified that I agreed.
I began to mop the floor. I was shocked to see a dead mouse on the floor. The weird man shouted,
“Keep cleaning!”
I did not want to clean up the mouse, but I was so scared that I threw it away in the bin. I looked up and I could not see the creepy man anywhere. He’d gone upstairs. I ran out of the house as fast as I could, with my heart pounding. I saw my friends in the street, and told them the whole terrifying story.
I took them to the house to show them again, but the house had vanished! We were all shocked. What had happened to the strange, frightening house? Had it ever existed????
SCHOOL! By Myiah Weiser --  Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
School is much fun.
I play there in the sun.
It’s great in every way.
There, I love to stay.
I wait in school to be,
Where all my friends I’ll see.
I love to read and write.
My tests are right-oh, I’m so bright!
I learn many things that are new,
And enjoy the learning, too.
I love to sleep at night.
I can’t wait for the morning light,
When to school I will go.
It’ll be so much fun, you know!
Good Friendship by Elisheva Yarmish – Age 11
Shalhevet Banot School – Shalavim
This is a story about how a good friendship helped fight cancer.
During sports class, Eva went up to the teacher and told her she wasn’t feeling well. She sat on the side and her best friend Tamara sat next to her. A few minutes later, Eva collapsed on the gym floor. “Call the ambulance!” yelled the teacher. “Is she breathing?” asked Tamara.
 A week later, Eva woke up in the hospital. “Open your eyes. Are you ok?” asked the doctor. “What’s going on?” asked Eva.
“You collapsed in school,” said the doctor. “I did some tests and found out that you have cancer. You must stay in the hospital for a long time for treatment.”
Eva missed her friends. After two months, Tamara came to visit. “Surprise! How are you doing?” asked Tamara. “This might be my last time to see you,” said Eva.  “We should spend more time together, but I can’t go anywhere.” “I have to go back to school, but I’ll come visit you more often,” said Tamara. “Bye!” After Tamara left, the doctor told Eva’s mother that Tamara’s visits were helping her get better!
One week later Tamara came to visit the hospital again. “How are you feeling? I brought you a chess game. Let’s play.” Even though Tamara just came to drop off the game, they ended up playing chess the entire time. “Check.” “Check mate.” “You are really good at chess,” said Tamara. “Yeah, we played it when we were little kids,” said Eva. “I really hope you will get healthy soon. I miss sitting next to you in class,” said Tamara. “Bye!”
Eva thought to herself “I am so lucky that I have a friend like Tamara. She keeps me strong.” Tamara came every day after school and Eva kept getting better and better. The friendship made her happy. After a month the doctor said to Eva’s mom,” She is almost completely better! Having a friend like Tamara is keeping her alive!”
After 4 months Eva got completely better and left the hospital. The doctors were amazed. They never thought she would survive. Eva’s friends made her a welcome back party in class. When Eva came in, her friends all screamed: “Welcome back! We missed you!” Tamara hugged Eva as tight as she could. They remain best friends until today.
Ana Finds a Dog by Naomi Yarmish – Age 9
Shalhevet Banot School, Shalavim
There was a girl named Ana. Ana and her parents went on vacation to the beach. They put up a tent and put on bathing suits and goggles. They started to swim. They splashed each other and had so much fun. Then Ana saw a dog walking by himself. She asked everybody if the dog belonged to them. No one owned the dog. So she went to ask her mommy if she could keep the dog. Her mommy said, “Yes!”  Ana was so happy. She named the dog Sandy because she found the dog at the beach. She brought the dog to show her friends and they were also happy.
Camp By Avital Zekbach -- Age 10
Chorev Girls’ School
To camp I love to go.
It’s really fun, you know!
I love to sleep in a tent.
That’s why to camp I’m sent.
We do fun things all day,
And great games we do play.
We are going to swim today,
Because it’s hot in every way.
We are having a lot of fun,
When we play out in the sun.
Spaghetti and meatballs we eat,
Chicken, rice and meat.
That’s why camp is great,
Where I see all of my mates!
Ages 14-18

“Playground Memories” by Tamar Burdo-Berger
Age 16
The Shed
The shed was placed right behind the small baseball court. It was surrounded by a fence, facing the nature reserve behind the school. Once when Marina was looking at it, the door swung open with a chilling creak. She felt an invisible hand clutch her heart. She held in a scream. Not one to get easily spooked, she rushed back to the playground silently.
Marina told others about it, how the abandoned shed’s door opened by itself, when there was no wind outside. Every recess, curious kids crowded around the fence surrounding the shed - “ghost hunting,” they called it – but Marina never participated herself.
Later in the week, someone said he saw a ghost. Danny was keeping watch at recess as usual, and he saw a foot peeking out of the opening door. He claimed that it vanished a few moments later.
“I don’t believe it happened,” Marina said.
“I don’t know… Danny said he saw it,” Beth told her.
“He could be lying,” she answered hesitantly. “I don’t believe in ghosts.”
There was silence for a moment.
“I do,” Beth said gravely. Beth was the smartest friend Marina had. She read a ton of classics on her own, and always understood all the big words grownups used. Her knowledge amazed us.    If she believed in something, it was bound to be real.
The Hole in the Baseball Field
The events leading to this expedition are still unknown, so they will be told by the vague details that were found.
At the beginning of the year, when Marina and her friends played imaginary games together, she noticed a small hole in the corner of the baseball field. She asked a few kids about it, but no one seemed to know where it came from.
She wondered where it led to. Who had dug it up? Maybe it was a magical hole.
In science class that year, they started to learn about the layers of the earth. Apparently it had a center so hot that no one had ever travelled to that level! Well, except in that movie, “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Maybe the hole had once led to the center of the earth and was left by the people who journeyed there, but was closed because it was so dangerous?! That was the theory created by Marina and her friends.
On the same day, at recess, they started to dig. An expedition to the center of the earth, it was called. And sure enough, days later, the friends - together with other students – had reached a new level of red soil. 
The diggers were pleased with their achievement, but the project was halted by faculty members, who claimed that the hole was a safety hazard. No one will ever know how close they came to their goal.
Four Leaf Clovers
In addition to Beth and Lizzie, her two BFF’s, Marina had another really close friend outside the group - Anne.
In the middle of second grade, Anne developed an obsession with superstitions, and one of them was four leaf clovers. According to her, if you found a four leaf clover you could wish on it, and your wish would come true.
“My cousin said it brings luck,” Marina told her.
“That, too,” Anne answered. “But you can also wish on it.”
The four leaf clover beds were spread out in specific parts of the soccer field. The one closest to the entrance of the field was where they started searching. They weren’t the only ones looking. Lizzie and a few guys searched with them, too. Marina had a wish in mind, but every clover she found had only three leaves.
“I found one!” Anne finally exclaimed, lifting the clover up like a trophy.
“Let’s check,” Luke said suspiciously, and Anne showed him the clover. After further examination, it was seen to have one…two… four leaves. It was not a hoax; Anne had really found a four leaf clover.
Marina made a face; she had to search harder if she wanted to get her wish.
“Take it,” Anne said suddenly, handing the four leaf clover to her.
“Don’t you want to wish on it?” Marina asked, confused.
“I saw what you wrote in the assignment hung up in your class,” she said. “Your wish is more important than any of mine.”
Marina was so touched that she could feel tears well up in her eyes. She grinned, and took the clover from Anne’s hand.
The bell rang, and everybody hurried to class, except for the two of them.
“Aren’t you gonna wish on it?” Anne asked her.
Marina nodded and cradled the clover gently between her hands. Then she closed her eyes and whispered, “I wish my grandma would come back to life.”
Me - Dov Dribben, age 18
A heartbeat that’s completely fake.
Two eyes, nothing but opaque.
Breathe that wants to breathe no air.
A soul that doesn’t want to care.
A movement that’s completely still.
An earthly body lacking will.
A brain that doesn’t try to think.
A mental rhythm out of sync.
A poem with no proper end.
No beat - Dov Dribben, age 18
I met a girl, and gave her my heart.
Did she shatter and break it to pieces and shards?
She did not.
Did she burn it and spread all ashes in yards?
She did not.
Did she drown it and feed it to sharks in the sea?
She did not.
Then what has she done? For lost you’ve made me.
She kept it.
Is that really it?
Need there really be more?   
Short Story, By Stav Lenga
Age 14
Sepho wanted to tell him how much she loved him even though they both knew it was an impossible wish
Staring into his hopeful eyes she wondered what she’d done to anger the gods so. 
Sadly, she already knew the answer and it did not make the situation any easier.
“Augustine…” She faltered as the hopeful expression Augustine had worn as he declared his love for her slowly fell off his face. Biting down on her lip to hold back the tears which threatened to ruin her outer display of indifference she spoke again, “I’m sorry. I am, truly. You must understand I never wished this fate upon anyone, let alone you.”
Augustine turned away from her and stared out toward the distance “I know you didn’t,” he finally confessed, still not facing her. She longed to kiss him. To show him how much he really meant to her but alas she could not. Augustine, unaware of her, took another step away, as if reaching for something beyond them. Beyond the stars. “I thought… That possibly… Under these circumstances… That I am the one…”
Gods above and below.
Sepho took a step forward and grabbed Augustine’s forearm, forcing him to turn around and face her again. In the moonlight she could see the tear paths shimmering on his face. “Oh gods,” she whispered. He really thought he was the one. All this time, he thought he could save her. That he could change the gods minds simply by loving her. By giving himself to her. As if it was that simple.
Augustine broke away first, staring down at his pointed toe shoes, speaking quickly, “It was stupid to think that I could- That I was some magical- That I could reverse an entire curse-” He continuosly cut himself off, unable to finish any of the sentences, knowing Sepho understood the drift of his words regardless of how they were said.
At that moment, Sepho wanted to believe it as well. She wanted to believe that curses could be broken. That her curse could be broken simply by someone loving her completely. But the gods didn’t care about love. Sepho assumed they didn’t even believe in love, let alone human love.
The rumors had circulated since her curse became widespread news and Sepho had never believed them. Never let in a spark of hope that a human could save her simply with love.
After all, what was love against immortal beings?
She glanced at Augustine and wondered if she could try. If for once she could pretend she believed in the power they shared.
“I… I… gods, I wanted to believe it was true. I wanted it to be you more than anything in the world. I-”
“Then what’s stopping us, Sepho?” Augustine said, cutting her off. He took both her hands in his and stared into her soul. “Let’s run away together. Disappear off the face of the earth. We can do it just like that. We’ll build a house in the woods and stay there. No one will ever find us. You’ll be free, Sepho.”
“I can’t, Augustine.” She said in a flat tone. She couldn’t believe he thought that was his entire plan. As if the gods would leave her alone because she was in hiding. Humans couldn’t hide from gods.
“Why, Sapho?” Yet he still thought his plan was brilliant. Augustine had always thought up extraordinary and impossible plans yet this one was the most insane by far.
“Because, you idiot,” She hissed, “I can’t hide from them. Immortals don’t give up.”
“Then we’ll run away to the ends of the earth.”
“They will find me. They will kill you.” She explained, exasperated that they were even having this conversation. She assumed he’d have thought up something far better than this.
“Then what do you suppose we do?” He scowled.
She inhaled deeply, “Not we; you,” Augustine seemed confused so she added, “Leave me, Augustine. Go on an adventure, see the world, fall in love with someone who can fall in love with you as well.”
“What will you do?” he asked in a small voice, though he already suspected what she was about to say but didn’t want to believe it.
“What am I going to do?” She repeated. Out of all the questions she’d ever received during her life this one was by far the most absurd one. “I’m going to finish what the gods started.”
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